Define key use cases

Define top functional test cases for important user behaviors on the feature you are working on

Eg: Provision user (by using a button)


Pull from master branch

Pull branch

git pull


git fetch origin

git merge origin/master

Create a branch to work on a feature / bug fix

Creating branch

git branch <branch name>

checkout branch / switch between branches

git checkout <branch name>

Make changes / write code

Pull from master branch to merge your code locally

Pull branch

git fetch origin

git merge origin/master

Integration Testing

Configure local environment 

NODE_ENV=development node server.js    
// run as local environment on OS X (check command for other platforms)

Test code (unit/functional) and verify results


Configure local environment to replicate production system

NODE_ENV=production node server.js    
// runs production server as local environment

Test code (unit/functional) and verify results


Make a Request for a Pull (pull request) to the master branch

1) Go to and switch to the branch you are working on

2) Click on button to create Pull Request (notifies the team automatically)

3) Await peer review
    Proceed yourself (till peer review process is in place)



'git request-pull' [-p] <start> <url> [<end>]


Generate a request asking your upstream project to pull changes into their tree. The request, printed to the standard output, summarizes the changes and indicates from where they can be pulled.

The upstream project is expected to have the commit named by <start> and the output asks it to integrate the changes you made since that commit, up to the commit named by <end>, by visiting the repository named by <url>.

Perform code review to ensure functionality and quality


  1. go to the Branch
  2. click on Pull Requests
  3. review appropriate request
  4. check the changes in the code
  5. click on Merge Pull Request (resolve conflict, if any)
  6. branch is merged to master repository

To test branch as a whole:

  1. git checkout branch
  2. git pull
  3. +necessary tests



Make sure you have pushed latest changes / merged your branch using Pull Request process step before continuing.

git push heroku master

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