Foreword and Purpose

1.0 Introduction to Zoë Facility Services:

1.1 Equal Employment Opportunity

1.2 Americans with Disabilities

1.3 Immigration and Employment Eligibility

1.4 Discrimination and Harassment Policy

1.5 USERRA Act

1.6 Employment at Will

2.0 General Employment Information:

2.1 Leaves of Absence

2.2 Jury and Witness Duty

2.3 Employee Waiting Period for Benefits

2.4 Employment Categories

2.5 Employment of Relatives

2.6 Other

2.7 Reduction of Staff

2.8 Resignation

2.9 Company and Personal Property

3.0 Payroll:

3.1 Unemployment Insurance

4.0 Safety and Health:

4.1 Extreme Weather and Emergencies

4.2 Care of Equipment

4.3 Hazardous Chemicals and Right to Know

4.4 Workplace Violence

4.5 Workers' Compensation

5.0 General Policies:

5.1 Spending and Expenses

5.2 Travel Expenses

5.3 Service Closet Policy

5.4 Personal Phone Calls and Visitors

5.5 Wifi and Company Email

5.6 Confidential Information

5.7 Tobacco Free Workplace

5.8 Business Ethics and Conduct

5.9 Reporting Irregularities

6.0 The Work Environment:

6.1 Inspections & Searches

6.2 Progressive Discipline Policy

Supplemental Materials:

The following materials are processes and practices that we abide by and use on a daily basis.

When Things Go Wrong

Mistake Proofing and What That Is

Situational Problems (What to Do If...)

SDS Materials:

The SDS materials are our Safety Data Sheets which are required in our field of service. These sheets list our products, the hazards accompanied with them, and other important information as required by law.


Carpet Pre-Spray

Chewing Gum Remover

Citrus Scrub 90

Crystal Quick Restore

Crystal Salt Remover

Deep Action Carpet Cleaner

Defoamer II

Descaled and Metal Brightener


Expo White Board Cleaner


HD Extraction

Liquid Swabby

Majestic Vinegar

Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner


Quick and Clean Oil Stainless Steel Cleaner

Restroom Cleaner

Shower Room Cleaner


Spray Clean HD

Super Shine-All

Super Strip


Take Down

Tile and Grout Seal

Top Clean

Urinal Screen

Zing CPC

Zing Floor Prep

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