Trial Period:

Send the offer

Gather info for contract signing

Gather signed contract

  • 1
    Signed by the new employee
  • 2
    Signed by CEO
  • 3
    Uploaded in employee contracts on Drive

Send a confirmation email

After the contract is signed send the new employee a confirmation email and cc Kashish.

Decide if the person will be hired

If the person is going to be hired, keep following the rest of the template.

If the person will not continue, inform them of the reasons and let them know.

  • 1
  • 2
    Not hired

If they get hired:

Set up email address

Set up a new company Google account for the new employee and give them access to it.

  • 1
    Create email address
  • 2
    Give the new email address and login to the new employee

Add employee details into

Create calendar events for birthdays etc

Assign them to the onboarding checklist

Assign the new employee to their version of the onboarding checklist.

(Here's our internal one at Process Street)

Create all relevant accounts:

Add on Process Street

Give Vinay the new employee's email ID and ask him to add them to Process Street Organization.

  • 1
    Add to Content Marketing group / folder
  • 2
    Add to Email Marketing group / folder
  • 3
    Create a scheduled daily checklist

Set up Slack

Make sure they are added to all the relevant channels.

  • 1
    Add to #general
  • 2
    Add to content-marketing
  • 3
    Add to email-marketing
  • 4
    Add to #content-sharing

Set up Trello

Add the new employee to the Trello boards using their email.

  • 1
    Add on Content promotion board
  • 2
    Add on Email marketing board

Set up Airtable

Add the new employee with an edit only access using their email address.

Set up Intercom

Add them to the calls on calendar

Inform the new employee about our weekly group calls and one on one sessions.

One on one sessions are to discuss progress on tasks, improve productivity and update them about new strategies, as well as give them a platform to ask any questions or let us know about any concerns. 

Explain that the call happens on Skype, therefore a headset is preferred and they need to make sure they can both speak and hear. 

Add them to both calls:

  • 1
    Weekly group call
  • 2
    One on one call with manager

Remove their personal email

If they have done any training (e.g. or Airtable) with their personal email, make sure to remove it as soon as their new email is created.

First day:

Introduce to the team

Make a formal introduction to the team to make them feel welcome :) Encourage them to have a little chat with teammates to get everyone friendly and comfortable to communicate to one another.

Explain the rules

Even though the rules are in their personal onboarding checklist, it's never bad to explain it all again and ensure all their questions are answered.

  1. Each employee should notify the group when they start the working day
  2. Inform the group when starting/ending a break 
  3. Upvote all posts submitted for upvoting
  4. Keep communication fluent during the working hours
  5. Keep group updated on what task the employee is currently working on
  6. At the end of the working day inform of what has been done during the day, report to Kashish and Kate on Slack
  7. Always fill the daily checklist
  8. Unless it is a matter of urgency, always notify 3-4 days in advance if the employee needs time off (apart from national holidays which they can have off work)
  9. If time is taken off during the week without notice and reason it must be done over the weekend
  10. No outside communication policy for Process Street

Use this template:

All communication between any two members of the content promotion team must happen in the content marketing group only.

There must be no outside communication ever. That includes:

  • Phone calls, texts
  • Skype
  • Whataspp
  • Facebook
  • Any other app / site
  • No direct messaging (even in Slack)

If you must have a call / text it has to be screenshotted and / or recorded and pasted in the slack Content Marketing group. These, however, are only rare and exceptional occasions such as power outages.

As it is a new policy there is a 3 strike policy. If someone messages you in private, you should ask them to re-paste the question in the group chat. If they refuse to do so you should report them accompanied with a screenshot to Kate and/or Kashish. In such case they will receive 1 strike.

That also means that all communication happens in English, so that we also know what is being said.

The whole point of this is to make all communication clear and visible for the team. We can use @mentions to direct conversations with people. We can use group chats for all the people involved in the conversation (3 minimum). 

Let me know if you have any questions about the policy and always feel free to message me with any questions you might have :)


Check that they have installed our most used apps

  • 1
  • 2
    Jing by TechSmith
  • 3
  • 4
    Download Skype call recorder & screen recorder
  • 5
    Download HMA VPN ( Give user ID & password)

Check if all the thumbnails are added

  • 1
    Process Street
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    Social media sites

Make sure they've installed Grammarly

In their onboarding checklist they have been given instructions but make sure they understand how to do it and provide help if needed.


Teach them to use Process Street

  • 1
    Explain bug submission system
  • 2
    Explain how promotion process works

Train on Airtable

Following month:

Have a chat with the new employee at the end of the first day

Schedule via Google Calendar.

Have an end of the week chat

Schedule via Google Calendar.

Have an end of the month chat

Schedule via Google Calendar.

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