3+ months to go:

Record basic event details

Arrange a location

Next you need to select and arrange a location for your event. Once you've done this, record your choice using the form field below.

2 months to go:

Confirm details

Find speakers (if necessary)

Speakers are best booked as far in advance as possible (if you need them that is). This prevents you from getting to a stage where you need someone else to present, but everyone has already fully booked their calendar.

Once you have your speakers booked, record them using the form fields below.

Get sponsors (if necessary)

Sponsors can be a massive benefit, as they can allow you to put more money into creating a truly fantastic event for your audience. Just remember that these should probably be relevant to the event you're hosting, as this will help to make any adverts they request to be more fitting with your event.

Record any sponsors (is any) using the form field bleow.

Set up reservations and ticket payment avenues

Create a press release

Make sure to include:

  • 1
    Event name
  • 2
    Event start and end dates
  • 3
    Event description
  • 4
    Event location
  • 5
    Contact information
  • 6
    Facebook address
  • 7
    Reservation / ticket payment options

Send the press release

Now it's time to send the press release to everyone who needs to know about your event Remember that this isn't necessarily you talking to your audience directly - it's about getting the notice out on platforms that your audience pays attention to.

As such, you may want to consider sending your press release to:

  • 1
    Social media
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
    People in your network
  • 5
    Influencers in your sphere
  • 6
    Relevant companies (especially ones you have close ties with)
  • 7

1 month to go:

Create a more extensive press release

Now that it's closer to the actual event, it's worth creating another press release to get as much exposure as possible in advance. This one should be a little more extensive than the previous one, including details such as your speakers.

It should also contain a more direct CTA to purchase a ticket (if necessary) or bookmark the date of the event.

Send the extensive press release

As with your previous press release, you now need to send the extensive version to the same places as you did previously. This time, also reach out to local papers and radio stations (if they are relevant to your event and likely to reach your target audience).

Post flyers around the area

If suitable, it's worth printing off and dispersing flyers to advertise your event in the local area. This can be good for events based around a local community, but can also work for areas which contain a high concentration of your target audience (eg, pinning flyers up near other relevant businesses).

2 weeks to go:

Send reminder emails

There's only a fortnight to go, so now it's time to send reminder emails to anyone and everyone relevant to your event.

This could include your regular mailing list, speakers, any influencers you've contacted, anyone who's bought a ticket already, and so on.

One good tactic to employ if you're struggling to get enough bookings is to invite people to bring a friend. If your budget allows it, a discount on buying more than one ticket (or maybe a family bundle if it's suitable) is a great way to sell more tickets.

Publish online reminders

To go with your email reminders you also need to publish a notification online, be it on your own website, on your event's website, or across your social media channels.

As with your reminder emails, consider inviting people to bring a friend or offering discounts, bundles, or deals on tickets.

Create material for attendees to take home with them

It's time to get any materials you want to give out during or after the event ready. This could be anything from a flyer to a small gift bundle, and will entirely depend on the size of the event, the budget you have to work with, and whether any sponsors you have were willing to offer items or discounts.

This is possible now that you're closer to the event, since you'll have a much better idea of how many people will turn up (if it's one which you can reserve a place for).

Congratulations! You're now ready to host your event. Knock 'em dead!

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