An expense management process allows companies to monitor what they are spending on employee expenses. 

This checklist is designed to provide easy-to-understand records for expense claims, ensure that appropriate permission has been sought and that all expense payments are able to be audited.

This process is to be initiated by the member of the accounting team who is responsible for processing expenses after receiving an expenses request.

All members of the expense approval process will contribute to the allocated tasks in their sections of the checklist. 

You can also use Zapier to integrate this process with your existing internal systems.

These steps should make expense processing consistent and easy.


Record details of the expense

You're filing an expenses request. Below you will find the necessary form fields to record the information pertinent to this expenses claim

Fill in all the sections with the appropriate degree of detail. This claim will then be passed to your manager for approval. 

Use the form fields below to document your claim.

Employee details

Expense details


Approve or reject the expense claim

This manager needs to approve or deny the claim request while keeping the accountant who is overseeing the process informed.

Claim details

Purpose of the expense: {{form.Purpose_of_the_expense}}

Value: {{form.Value_of_the_expense}}

Description: {{form.Description_of_the_expense}}

Use the form field below to approve or reject the claim.

Keeping the accounting department up to date with rejected expense claims allows them to track the number of claims which are made and the ratios of approval.

State reason for rejection

Using the form field below, describe the reason why the expense claim has been rejected. 


Notify the employee of expense approval

Contact the employee to confirm their expense(s) have been approved.

You can use the email template below to contact the employee.

Notify the employee of expense rejection

Contact the employee to notify them that their expense(s) has been rejected

You can use the email template below to contact the employee.

Add to department expense account

Add the expense claim total cost to the relevant department's expense account. 

For cash payments being retroactively reimbursed, you should add a debit to expenses and add a credit to cash. 

You can use software like Concur, Xpenditure, or others, to help you manage the details of different expense claims to gather data from in future.

Human Resources:

Send to HR manager to reimburse on next pay check

HR needs to ensure that the employee receives reimbursement for the expense outlay in their next paycheck. 

When you have processed the payment, confirm that the work has been done in the drop-down field below.

Remind HR to process the expense

Remind HR that the expense needs to be processed as soon as possible so it can be included in the employee's next paycheck. 


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