After creating a pull request and getting approval, the next step is to merge it.

This commits your changes to the master branch, so you need to be extra cautious that this process is done properly as to avoid bugs. To that end, this process includes steps for testing, demos, and other vital QC.

Use this in conjunction with our GitHub pull request checklist, and make sure to add the failed review procedure to your account, too!

Check if the pull request has been made against DEVELOP branch

Seriously, don't forget to check this!

Listen to Spidey...

Review the code

Do a review of the code so that you can send it back if there's any changes that have to be made from a first glance. Check for things like:

  • 1
    Code structure
  • 2
  • 3
    Naming issues
  • 4
  • 5
    Anything else you think should be checked

Make sure there's a test

Make sure at least one new test has been included, and that what is being tested makes sense.

Ideally, schedule a time for a demo

Get in touch with the one who made the PR so that he/she can give you a demo and explain it to you.

[Insert links to team member's calendars]

Briefly explain how the PR was tested

You can either add a video from the Skype call, or explain in a brief paragraph what you did.

Pull the changes locally and verify it's working as it should

If everything goes well, pull it to your machine and test whatever you can think of that could break it locally, be creative :)

Also, check the code formatting just to be sure.

Merge it and assign it to your manager for review

Are you really, really sure? Ok, then let's merge it!

Don't forget to move it to Merge in JIRA, and assign to your manager for review.

You can use the email widget below to automatically. It also pulls in the link to this checklist so they can see proof of testing, demoing, etc.


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