HVAC Permit Application Guideline

As you may know, some HVAC contractors have their own design/engineer team and will apply for HVAC permit on our behalf.

In projects where we are dealing with a contractor that doesn’t have it we will need to involve an HVAC designer to get the Heat Loss and Gain calculation performed, followed by requesting HVAC permit from the city.

Below is contact information for the HVAC designer (can also be found at partner’s list on coco)

Doug McCallum

[email protected]

(905)­ 840-­8166

Getting Permit Package Ready

Request CAD file from Keith.

Email Building Permit Drawings to Doug along with CAD file. A site meeting with Doug is recommended.

The cost for HVAC permit may vary, but consider it to be around $800 (includes site visit and all documentation needed for submission to the city). Expect 5 business days for documentation to arrive.

The email should contain:

  1.  HVAC Permit Drawings
  2.  HVAC Permit Application
  3. ­ HVAC Calculations

Before submitting these documents to the city, you will need to fill out a form “Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish”. This form can be found online at:

https://www1.toronto.ca/city_of_toronto/toronto_building/files/pdf/Application_for_a_Pe rmit_to_Construct_or_Demolish.pdf

You can digitally fill out the form, including your signature and save as a PDF file. Please find attached filled form for your reference.

Submitting Permit Application to the City

Send an email to [email protected] .

It is recommended to indicate the building permit number in the email. Include all the documentation received by email from the HVAC designer.

Include filled form “Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish”. If this form is not included, you will receive an email requesting it before the package can be reviewed.

You should receive an “Acknowledgement of Submission” email.

Within a day you should receive an “Application Confirmation” email. This should contain the permit number followed by HVA on the subject line. Please note that attached you will find the Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish” form, however, a “VERIFIED TORONTO BUILDING” sticker will be replacing your signature. This email will be sent to you by city ward that falls into your project area, e.g. [email protected] .

Please find attached Application Form filled by the city for your reference. Expect about 5 business days to receive the HVAC Permit.

FORM: Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish

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