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Image Upload

Image Upload

Login to CMS
Upload image

Login to CMS

Url: https://sifa.sg/sifa/admin
Enter Username and Password

Once logged in, you will land on the page below

The orange box is where we can switch between SIFA and OPEN content

Upload image

1. Go to Manage Event

2. Choose the Events which you’d like to make edits on

Click on blue circle to modify content

3. Scroll down and go to main content, where the body copy is.

Go to the intended position you’d like to insert your image,
click on the insert image button.

Orange box is the insert image button

4. Upload image file

Choose File and send to server

Note: We can resize the resolution of the image from this window, by adjusting "Width" and "Height". Make sure to "Lock Ratio" (padlock icon), so that the image is scaled proportionately.

Image will then show up in the body copy/main content area.

5. Uploading same image to other content page

Repeat step 1-3.
Next, choose Browse Server instead
And look for the image previously uploaded

6. Apply or Save

Apply is to save content

Save and List is to save and go back to previous content listing page

Content change will be reflected on corresponding page on SIFA/OPEN website.

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