Before you start:

Like advertising, making connections with influencers is a process that needs multiple touch-points and interactions.

This means you need to be casually keeping up to date with a group of people you want to make connections with.

So, to start, make sure you:

  • 1
    Follow the influencer on Twitter
  • 2
    Subscribe to their RSS feed
  • 3
    Add them to a Twitter list you'll check daily

Retweet two of their articles

You can also add a comment to encourage interaction.

Leave a comment on two posts

The best blog comments:

  • Add value to the post (explain how you've tried similar methods, or share some of your own experience)
  • Encourage a response (by asking a follow-up question)
  • Thank the writer
  • Sound genuine!

Share two of their blog articles on different platforms

The influencer might be active on LinkedIn, or Facebook — share their content in varied places to stand out.

Send a personal email or Twitter DM

Whatever reason you're reaching out to the influencer (whether it's to get them to share your content, write for your blog, or give you an intro to a larger publication), it's time to make the ask.

Groove recommends something like this:

Next steps:

Relationships with influencers are two-way:

It's no good if you're just using them. If you're being of service by sharing, interacting, and providing them with value such as data, opinions, and feedback.

This means you need to keep up the relationship, and stay in touch. Repeating this checklist works well for staying in touch and top-of-mind, too.

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