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The WordPress Wednesday Newsletter

WordPress Wednesday is a free weekly newsletter we send to our list of email subscribers that contains articles from around the web designed to help them with their freelance WordPress consulting business.

We get lots of great feedback and testimonials for this newsletter and it is also a good source of sales for us. Our mission is to produce a newsletter every week that is of such high quality, people would pay for it.

This process is designed to help you make suggestions of articles for the newsletter as you discover them on the web.

Once your articles have been saved, they will be scanned by the newsletter publisher and they may be included in the next issue of the newsletter.

What You Will Need

You will need access to

If you do not have access to these resources, please contact Troy Dean or Gin McInneny and request access.

Install the Bookmarklet

Click the link below to find the SlackIt bookmarklet for your browser.

Click the "Add to Slack" button.

Authorize the bookmarklet for the Video User Manuals Slack team and the #wpweds channel.

Make sure your Bookmarks Bar is turned on.

Drag the link created for you into your bookmarks toolbar.

Use the Bookmarklet

When you discover an article you wish to suggest for the WordPress Wednesday newsletter, simply click the Post to #wpweds bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar.

The following popup window will appear for a few seconds to confirm that your article has been saved to the Slack channel.

Feel free to check the #wpweds Slack channel to confirm your article has been saved.

Finish Here

Please make sure you tick off each step in this checklist to indicate that you have read and understand this process.

When you're done, stand up and stretch.

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