Unboxing Your Audio/Video Hardware Kit

You should have received an audio/video kit that looks something similar what you see in the photo above (it may or may not include all of the same components).

You're welcome to open the items up and explore what's been included, however if you would feel more comfortable with a step-by-step walk through for the setup, please contact us directly to schedule a call prior to your first tech test.  

Inventory: Everything You'll Need is Included

As outlined in the photo above, this is a complete list of everything that's been included in your interview kit.

  • LitraPro LED Light + White Diffusion Cover + Power Supply/15’ Cable
  • Mini LED Light Panel + 4x AA Batteries
  • 2x Small Desktop Tripods (for mounting LED lights) + Ball Heads
  • ATR 2100 Microphone + Mic Mount, Case, Windscreen & USB Cable
  • Microphone Table Clamp + 5/8" threaded mount
  • 5/8" 13” Gooseneck (for mounting microphone)
  • 5/8" Kickstand Desk Tripod (alternative option for microphone mount)
  • Shokz Bone Conduction 3.5mm Headphones + USB Charger/Pouch
  • Black Zipper Pouch for storage of various components
  • 10' 3.5mm Headphone Extension Cable
  • 4 Port USB Hub

Setup the Lighting

We've included two different lights along with several options for mounting. The typical setup is to assemble both the LitePanel & Mini LitraPro and mount them to the collapsable desktop tripods. (In some cases, depending on your environment and surroundings, we may have included a C-clamp with a Magic Arm as an alternative option.) Simply install the four AA batteries into the LitePanel (the larger of the two).

The smaller LitraPro light should be fully charged which will last from 90min (on Max) to 10h (on level 1). This can charged up before filming. Simply plug it into to the wall using the provided USB power adapter and the long 15" cable. (If longer filming is required, the light can operate while being plugged in to a power outlet and the cable.)  

Both lights have a dimmer function to adjust the brightness, while the Mini LitraPro also has a color temperature control option. 

NOTE: Try and keep this light off when not in use to preserve the batteries.

The above diagram shows the configuration for a standard 3 point lighting setup. Although we've only provided two lights (key and fill), most people usually have some other light source they can use. This could be a lamp, overhead light, etc.

We can walk you through the exact placement during the tech test.

The primary thing to know is that the LitraPro (the smaller of the two) is usually setup as the Key Light, while the larger LitePanel is the Fill Light. 

In most cases, your laptop will act as the camera (unless you were provided with a camera in your interview kit). 

Setup the Sound/Audio

Inside the large zippered case you will find the microphone and related parts needed to hook it up to your computer. Depending on where the interview will take place, you may find it more suitable to use the desk clamp or the kickstand mini tripod as shown above (top right). Either of these will act as the base which you'll then attach the 6" gooseneck to, which then connects to the microphone mounting clip.

You'll need to plug the Mini USB end of the cable into the bottom of the microphone (the smaller end) and the other end into your computer. 

We've provided a 4 port USB Hub in case you are limited by the number of USB ports on your computer. 

Once setup and plugged into your computer, you should be able to see the microphone show up under your Skype audio settings. It should be listed as ATR 2100, USB Microphone or something similar. 

The above setup illustrates one possible option for setting up the mic, however we find this often doesn't allow for correct mic placement and therefore we usually require that the mic be placed on the 6" gooseneck to help elevate the mic closer to your mouth to keep with the '3 finger rule' (as shown below). 

For correct mic placement, if you hold your middle 3 fingers in the shape of a W, you should be able to cross the gap between your mouth and the microphone.

Setup Internet Hardline

For the highest quality video throughput, we require all interview guests to be connected to a hard line (via an ethernet cable) instead of simply over WiFi.

You'll need to locate your internet router. This is typically found either near your land line phone or your TV. 

We may have included the necessary cables in your kit, if so, please locate either the blue (25 foot) or black (75 foot) cable provided and connect one end to your cable modem or WiFi router while connecting the other end to your computer. 

If you don't have an Ethernet port on your computer, simply use the provided USB to Ethernet adapter (white).

You'll need to plug it into any one of the numbered ports (but not the main blue port) as shown above. There should also be no need to unplug anything else you currently have setup.

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