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The first step towards an Environmental Management System needs to be the control of our waste.

Recycling offers the cleanest form of Waste Management and reflects our image as a Responsible Company with an interest in Sustaining the Environment.

A variety of options need to be assessed before this can be arranged

Contacting Waste Management companies

We need to contact a variety of Waste Management companies.
We should start from a blank slate and get ideas from the Waste Management companies themselves.
Look for the complete solution (Office Waste & Warehouse Waste)

Enquiring about Mill Sized Waste Balers

We have been informed that a Mill Sized Waste Baler is an efficient way of storing and selling our recyclable waste.

We need to enquire about the rental/ purchase of a Mill Size Waste Baler.

We can factor in the price of the waste into the rental cost to lower the rental cost.

Assess the man-hours needed for recycling

We need to maximise the efficiency of recycling.

If we are going to have Warehouse Operatives segregate and dispose of our waste, it cannot consume too much time and conflict with their other responsibilities.
A full investigation needs to be held on how much time this will take.

Cost Based Analysis of Waste Management

Gary Scott has requested a cost analysis of potential solutions in comparison with our current soloution.

These costs need to be compared in a spreadsheet and referred to Gary before any decisions can be made.

Office Based Recycling arranged

Following Gary's approval, Office Based Recycling needs to be arranged.

Warehouse Based Recycling arranged

Following Gary's approval, Office Based Recycling needs to be arranged.

ISO 14001:

ISO 14001 implementation is a goal for our company for 2016

We want to have this fully implemented by June 2016 and integrated with our current Quality Management System, ISO 9001

Request for Quotation from BM TRADA

An online quotation form needs to be filled by on the BM TRADA Website

Receive Quotation from BM TRADA and inform MD

Received Quote needs to be referred to Gary Scott

Initial Audit by BM TRADA

BM TRADA are to complete an initial audit of our premises to assess what we need to do to achieve ISO 14001.

Obtaining a copy of the standard

We need to buy a copy of the standard in order to understand the requirements of ISO 14001 and how it will integrate with ISO 9001

Second Audit

Once we begin implementation, a second audit will be conducted by BM TRADA in order to determine if there is anything extra to be done before we receive certification.

Internal Auditor Training Course

Joe Walshe and Jamie Ashard need to undergo ISO 14001 Internal Audit Training.

Full Implementation

Implementation is Complete.