Introduction to the Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

Throughout this logo design process, the designer will present work and the client will approve and provide feedback. 

Each task after the initial briefing meeting is meant to be completed by either the designer or the client. When you run this checklist for the first time, you can go onto each task and assign that task to the relevant person. 

You can even use the "Due after" option for each task to set deadlines for when deliverables are required. This will provide automated notifications to the assignee when their task is due. 

If you ever need to consult the other person, you can tag them in a comment on their task to ask them specific questions about their work or feedback. 

As you work through the process, you should upload work and feedback into the form fields provided. This means that all information relevant to the project is stored in one place and timestamped for when it was completed. 

Move on to Task 2 and get started or watch this little video below if it is your first time going through a logo design process.

Advanced Logo Design Process - Will Paterson

Record client details

Use this space to record important contact information for future reference.

Each design step will need to be reviewed and approved by the relevant team member for the completion of this logo design process template. Take the time to fill out the details below.

Hold a briefing meeting

The first step to any design process is to hold a meeting to discuss the brief. 

This should make clear the scope of the project, the deliverables, and the direction the process will take. 

You can use the subchecklist below to set a rough agenda for topics which need to be covered in this meeting. 

Record the information for each point in its corresponding form field beneath the subchecklist.

  • 1
    Determine how the logo going to be used most often
  • 2
    Work out the short and long term aims of the company
  • 3
    Discuss the company's core products or services
  • 4
    Define the target audience
  • 5
    Understand all the necessary deliverables
  • 6
    Review any existing company branding
  • 7
    Discuss other logos which can be used for inspiration

Design: Prepare research to inspire the logo creation

Research is vitally important to the ideation process

Use this period to research the industry, competition, and trends which could inform the logo design.

How the logo might appear could be inspired by the nature of the products or services the company offer. A small legal business may choose to prioritize a traditional logo which inspires trust and reputation. A startup working in the social sphere may want something more eye-catching and playful. 

Formulate your research and prepare a short document which outlines what you have taken into consideration and what your key takeaways are.

Upload the document using the form field below.


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Design: Prepare research to inspire the logo creation
    Will be submitted

Client: Review the research report and provide your feedback

In step 3, the designer has uploaded a research report outlining key considerations which can underpin the design process. 

Read the report and deliver your feedback on the conclusions drawn

You can use the form fields below to share your opinions, or you can use the file upload if you wish to send back a more in-depth long form response. 

Design: Conceptualize different logo options

Every designer works in a different way, but a common approach to logo design is to sketch out with paper and pencil a range of potential ideas

This could be 5 potential ideas or 15. How many you choose to play with and construct depends on your style of work. 

Sketch out your logo ideas and upload them in the file upload box below. Then use the form field to provide accompanying notes. 

Sketching Logos in Thumbnails: Logo Design Course - Good Creative Academy


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Design: Conceptualize different logo options
    Will be submitted

Client: Review the initial logo ideas

It is important to remember that these are only initial concepts. Do not expect fully finished logos at this stage. 

How best to judge a logo is difficult, but it has to be appropriate for your demographic and be something you're proud to have representing your company. 

Review the options uploaded in task 5 along with the designer's notes and provide your feedback below.

Design: Draft your final concept proposals

Once you have reviewed the feedback left by the client in task 6, you can begin to determine what logos will make it into your final offering. 

Pick about 5 logo options which the client liked or may like and design them professionally within your design software. 

Consider providing multiple iterations of each option where color, typeface, kerning, and icon have slight variants. 

Compile all these logos into a document for review and upload it below with any accompanying notes.

Illustrator 2017: Logo Design Process - Mila


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Design: Draft your final concept proposals
    Will be submitted

Client: Review the final concepts

These concepts should now begin to look like the company logo you're hoping for. 

Review the different styles and think carefully about the fonts and colors used across each. 

Show the logo options to others to gain their feedback before picking a final design to go with. 

You can use the email widget below to send the designs to colleagues.

Use the form fields below to record your feedback and that of any others you have consulted.

Design: Finalize the concept and deliver the materials

Review the feedback given in task 8. This feedback should leave you ready to finalize the logo and prepare it in different sizes and styles.

It is important to deliver a full logo along with a smaller logo icon and any other agreed materials such as letterheads. 

Upload the design files and image files below to give the client a range of formats. 


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Design: Finalize the concept and deliver the materials
    Will be submitted

Client: Review the final logo and give approval

Review the images and files uploaded in task number 9 and check that all required deliverables are present. 

If these are approved, confirm this task. If not, record feedback in the form field below.

Design: Generate invoice

Congratulations on a successful design project. 

The designer can use the Process Street invoice generator template to send their invoice to the client. 

This invoice can be sent automatically from this checklist by clicking to complete the task. 

You can use Zapier to connect this task in this template to your invoice so that you can automate the sending process. 

In Zapier, select "Make a Zap" and search for Process Street. It will prompt you to create a trigger - select "New Task Checked". It should then prompt you to connect your Process Street account to your Zapier one. You simply follow the link Settings & API tab of the organization manager on the pop-up.

Follow the steps provided by Zapier and it should connect the two accounts together. From here it will let you search for the template you want to run the Zap from, and choose the task you want to hook it up to. 

After you've selected those options you can test that step and your trigger should be set. 

Next, you can create the action to be initiated by your trigger. You can use a third party system like WebMerge or you can use Zapier's built-in email service to generate HTML emails. Either of these solutions can be used to generate and send your invoice.

To read more about these steps and how to create the invoice check out this article


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Design: Generate invoice
    Will be submitted


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