How to properly organise a language exchange?

Let’s start with taking a look which steps need to be addressed in order to organise a successful event!

Develop event goals and objectives

Though the primary goals of the event are already set - such as increasing brand awareness of idyoma and realising mutual language improvement, it wouldn’t be fun if there isn’t any open space to take advantage of. Allow your imagination free reign and come up with innovative ideas and goals yourself.

Another objective that needs to be kept in mind is the number of visitors. Try to estimate this number as exact as possible since it will be essential for the next step.

Choose a location and date

When you have estimated the number of visitors it’s time to choose a suitable location. Also keep in mind that the main purpose of the event is language exchange, so don’t choose a place where loud talking is frowned upon! Try to match the location with the expected audience. If the people are at ease it’s more likely they will come back a second time.

When you have found the perfect spot to host your language exchange it’s time to contact the place and discuss the possibilities - although some more public places won't require you to liaison with them about the event at all. Think also about the date for the event. Assess the availability of the invitees and pick the date on which you think most people can come.

Brand your event

Keep in mind that these kinds of events are relatively small and that big advertisement campaigns aren't necessary. In today’s world however, there are a considerable amount of free and nevertheless ingenious ways to successfully promote your event. The majority of these promotion tools will probably already be familiar to you, here a short list to freshen the memory.

Facebook events

Posting the event details on Facebook is a very basic, still effective way to get the attention of a lot of people. However, you can make it is as elaborate as you want. Posting in Facebook groups with international students can largely increase the number of visitors. Try to find groups with an international audience, chances are there are a lot of people eager for a language exchange!

Twitter events

Other ways of promoting

Besides social media there are multiple other ways to promote your event, think of word-of-mouth marketing. Going to a nearby university is another way of effective promoting, oftentimes there are international students who would be fond of learning or practicing a new language!  

Congratulations! You’re all set to organize your own language exchange!

After the event

After having enjoyed the experience of organising and attending your own language exchange event there's only one final task that we ask you to do. For the idyoma website we'd like to have as many photos as possible for the purpose of encouraging more people to join the Brand Ambassador community and increasing the popularity for language exchanges. So please make sure that you make a bunch of photos and upload them to the drive as well as posts about any future events you may host down the line.

The initial announcement plus the photos of the event will get you your points! Make sure to have everything in order to make the process for yourself and for us as easy as possible so that the right amount of points can be allocated! Good luck!

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