Outreach for Broken Link Building | Process Street Outreach for Broken Link Building – Process Street

Load this email template into your CRM:

(note: make sure to fill in the template with fields mapped from your spreadsheet)

Template 1 — Initial outreach

Hey [first name name],

I was reading your post - [broken link source] - and I noticed you had a link pointing to [dead place]. This link is now dead and giving users a 404 error.

It would be awesome if you could replace that spot with [link] instead, if not, that is okay. We can provide the necessary content and image and we'll send it in a couple of days.

Thanks for reading my email and have a nice day



Template 2 — Providing the broken link

Hey there!

Great to hear back from you. Here's a link you can replace that with [link].

Do you want me to provide any custom content for the page?



Wait for a week, while tagging all 'yes' responses

In your CRM, make sure you tag all 'yes' responses with a unique indentifer. This way, you'll be able to drag them up as a list all at once and bulk email them the 2nd template. 

If they have some kind of special request, it's best to reply right away and adhere to it. Otherwise, they get Email 2.

Round 2 — Send the 2nd email template to all 'yes' responses

Send the 2nd email template to all contacts who agreed to list your link. This helps build a relationship, and reminds them they've agreed to link you.