Process requirements:

Give the process a title

First up in this process pre-publish checklist you need to set the title. Remember that this needs to conform to your company's naming convention (eg, verb first), and that it should be as short as possible while still summarizing the process itself.

Record the process' title using the form field below.

Define who will use the process

Next, you need to come up with a target audience who will be using the process. This will be the person responsible for running the process and (usually) the one who will complete most of the tasks inside it.

Record their name and/or job title using the form fields below.

Set out the scope of the process

Now you need to set out the scope of the process. This means that you need to use the form field below to lay out when the process will start and when it will end.

The start and end point may be dates, events, or simple tasks, but no matter what they need to be tangible. Otherwise you'll be left with a process that can never be completed.

State how often the process will be run

Just as important as the process' scope is stating how often the process will be run. Again, this could be based on a date or a particular trigger event, but no matter what you need to set out the frequency in writing.

Do so using the form field below.

Make sure you're only documenting one process

The final step in laying out the requirements of your process is to make sure that you're only documenting one process. That is, you need to make sure that your process can be run from start to finish every time without any unnecessary steps.

For example, when making a cup of coffee you don't need to go out and buy the beans to grind every time - that's a separate process and so shouldn't be part of your document.

If your scope is too large, edit your process down until you're only documenting one distinct process, then continue.


Document your process

Now it's time to actually document your process.

This step will vary wildly depending on the process you're tackling and the style guide your company has, but in general make sure that each task is limited to one item, and that style elements such as the language is consistent with your other processes.

Use the sub-checklist below to make sure that you're remaining consistent while documenting your process.

  • 1
    Each task is limited to one item
  • 2
    Language (eg, feature names) is consistent with other processes
  • 3
    Format is consistent
  • 4
    Color scheme is consistent
  • 5
    Tense is consistent

Process pre-publish:

Run spell check

Now you need to run the content through a spell checker! At this time it's also worth saving a copy of your process using the form field below.

One easy way to do this (if you're using Process Street) is to export your template to a pdf or Word file, then use either Word's built-in spellcheck or copying the whole process into a new Grammarly document.

Although it takes a little longer, I'd recommend using Grammarly, since it is more accurate and can pick up more complex errors.

Proofread process

Next up, you need to ensure that your process is proofread. Record the people who have proofread your process using the form fields below.

Although not always necessary, it's good to have at least two people other than yourself proofread your content to check for errors.

After all, while your spelling may be correct now, there's no telling if your sentences actually make sense.

Check image size and ratio

In order to ensure that your great content is not let down by sub-par images, you must now check their size and ratio.

Although these should match the image regulations in your style guide, your images should usually be at least 1000px wide and ratio 16:9

Check your video embeds

Now that your images are all sorted, you need to pay the same attention to your video embeds. Once again, ensure that all are working and are the correct embeds whilst recording the videos' links in the form field below.

Check for any strange formatting

This is pretty self-explanatory; you need to make sure that all of your content is in a consistent format. Although this was mentioned earlier it's important to double check the format now that your mind has had time to focus on other aspects.

Have the process approved

Next up (if required), have the process approved by the appropriate source. Record the person who approved the post in the form field below.

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