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Providing Details for Webinars

Providing Details for Webinars

This is the process for the coaches to provide details for their webinars and coaching calls.
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In order for us to set up webinars and promote them to our members, we need to know what the call is about. As a coach, you are required to provide us with a title and summary of the call for us to use in email communications.

Please write your titles and summaries in a way that encourage our members to engage in the calls.

For example: "SEO Webinar with Cath – learn how to optimise your clients websites for search engines" is an acceptable title and summary.

A better title and summary might be "Pitching SEO to Your Clients – Learn How to Sell SEO Services to Your Clients and Over Deliver on Your Promise."

Same content, much more appealing to our members.

What You Will Need

You will need access to

  • the Content Calendar project in Asana

If you do not have access to these resources, please contact Troy or Gin to request access.

Technical Considerations

This process is triggered automatically by Zapier when a webinar is tagged in Asana as "coach-xxx" where "xxx" equals the coaches name.

For example, if the call is to be hosted by Mike, then the task would be tagged in Asana as "coach-mike". This will automatically create a new task in Asana to add the title and summary of the call and assign it to the relevant coach with a due date of 10 days before the date of the webinar.

This gives us plenty of time to get the call set up and promoted to our members.

Here is the zap: https://zapier.com/app/editor/8741006/overview

Add Title and Summary

Login to Asana and navigate to the Content Calendar project and click on your webinar.

Add the title and description of your call into the task. Click on the plus button to add a new tag and start typing call into the tag field and then choose call-details from the drop-down list of tags.

Tagging the task with this tag indicates that you have added the title and description of the call into Asana and will automatically create a new task for our admin staff to set up the call for you and promote it to our members.

Finish Here

You will know when you have finished this process because you will have added a title and summary to your webinar and tagged it correctly in Asana.

Thank you for your cooperation with our processes. We believe these checklists will help us manage our growth and continue to serve our customers.

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