This checklist describes the procedure for a developer to follow if their pull request has failed review. It involves thoroughly addressing the reasons for rejection, replying with information showing how you've re-tested and solved the problems, and then re-assigning the issue to a manager for a 2nd review.

This simple process is most often used as part of the training and onboarding process at Process Street, and isn't commonly run more than a few times because it's easy to learn.

See also our GitHub pull request process.

Reply to every comment made in the GitHub PR

Make sure that you reply to every comment that was added to the GitHub PR.

This is so we can be sure that all issues were addressed and so that if anyone else looks at the PR, they will understand how the issues were resolved.

Include a link to the pull request in the field below:

If this is a full-stack issue, make sure you've checked BE and FE

This is also a common mistake. Make sure you've update both the BE and FE PRs to reflect any necessary changes.

Re-test all the functionality

This is important.

Many times after implementing fixes during review, we accidentally break the functionality that we just added or fixed.

Please take time to re-test everything that you added, and make notes in the field below:

Move issue to Review column in JIRA and assign this task to same reviewer

Attach this completed checklist as a comment on the JIRA & GitHub issues

JIRA issue: {{form.JIRA_issue_URL}}

GitHub PR: {{form.Pull_request_URL}}

URL of this checklist: {{checklist.url}}


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