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Sign up for Process Street

Sign up for Process Street

Introduction to Process Street:
Sign up for Process Street
What is Process Street?

Introduction to Process Street:

  1. Sign up for Process Street
  2. Learn why we use Process Street

Sign up for Process Street

Once you have access to your personal [email protected] email you can easily log in to Process Street through the "Apps section" of your Admin panel. You find the admin panel at admin.google.com (it’s good to bookmark this link).

See the above GIF how to access Process Street, or follow the below steps from inside your Google Apps admin:

  1. Click on the Apps icon
  2. Click on "More"
  3. Click on "Process Street" and you will be redirected to Process Street’s website

Connect Process Street to your Google account at sign-up by choosing "Login with Google" on the login screen. This is called "Single-click login with Google Accounts"

What is Process Street?

What is a "process"?

In every business there are a bunch of repetitive tasks that will be done over and over again, these tasks can be broken down into different processes that all have specific steps that need to be done in sequence to complete the task.

We like to structure these processes into Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Think of them like recipes, but it’s actually steps outlining how a certain task is performed. The outcome is (unfortunately) not a delicious apple pie, but instead a perfectly executed task. The SOP’s are detailed as granular as possible, so they can be replicated again to precision.

What is Process Street and why do we use it?

All these SOP’s need to be stored in a way that is easily accessible, simple to follow and uniformly structured. Process Street is basically where we store all this information so that the whole team can access everything whenever needed.

We find Process Street to be the easiest and most structured way to distribute SOP’s to the team.

In Process Street you’ll be able to access the following:

  1. Employee Onboarding (to get you up to speed on all "general" knowledge needed)
  2. Specialist Training (for your specific position)
  3. Product Knowledge Database (to get to know all of our lovely products!)

PS. Let’s avoid using personal email-addresses now that you’ve got a company email :-).

Take control of your workflows today.