Pre-production (Before event):

Confirm date, time, capacity

Confirm the event basics - date, time and the capacity you're aiming form.

Complete event content run sheet

This is the order of ceremonies for the eventing. This is a spreadsheet and should contain the following infomation:

  1. Time (eg 5pm)
  2. Duration
  3. Activity (Welcome address, Speaker 1)
  4. Personel (who is involved in this activity - Speaker, MC etc)
  5. Production requirements (how many microphones, clicker, laptop etc)
  6. Notes

Complete event budget

Include all income and expenses including venue hire, catering, speaker costs, production costs etc.

Confirm speakers and content program

Send speakers a worksheet

Worksheet includes:

  1. Venue address
  2. Speaker call time
  3. Hours required
  4. Briefing on activities to be completed by the speaker
  5. Infomation on catering provided
  6. Key personel contact details
  7. Confirmation of any speaker fees or costs to be covered

Book a venue

Negotiate venue contract including the following items:

  • Hire costs
  • Staffing costs
  • cleaning costs
  • In house production to be required
  • Seating and tables if any are required
  • All other items required for the event including lecturns, power requirements, music etc
  • Understand the venues liquor license
  • Confirm venue access time - what time can you get in there to start setup? What time do you have to be out
  • Will there be aby other events on at the same time?
  • Do they have their own insurances?
  • Do they require you to have your own Public Liability Insurance

Book catering

Determine catering requirements and book them either through the venue or a third party, if permitted by the venue

Prepare key contact list

This is a spreadhseet of all key contacts for the event including:

  • All speakers mobiles
  • Venue contact mobile numbers
  • Production contact mobile numbers
  • Event staff including door staff if appropriate

Prepare bump in and bump out documents

A bump in schedule is a list of activities to complete on the day of the event, before the event starts. These items include:

  • Any deliveries scheduled
  • Arrival and set up of production
  • Set up of check in table
  • Sound check
  • Rehersal

A bump out schedule is a list of everything you need to complete after the event and before you hand the venue back to the owners. This might inlcude

  • Removal of decoration
  • Removal of any equipment you've brought in
  • Clearing of waste if required
  • Collection of all items hired for the event
  • Pack up of production equipment

Send run sheet, bump in and bump our schedule to the venue and all event staff

Complete pre event confirmations

Call all stakeholders the week before the event and confirm their participation. This might include:

  • Calling proudction operators and confirming all sound and audio requirments
  • Confirm everything with the venue
  • Call all speakers and confirm they have everything and can still make it
  • Confirm all deliveries and equipment hires

Prepare any signage required for event

Marketing and Ticketing:

Set up ticketing or RSVP list

Use eventbrite, meetup or google sheets. Be sure to understand the following before setting this up:

  • What infomation will you require from guests? At a minimum get name, email and post code.
  • Do you need to know dietary requirements of guests?
  • What will your refund policy be?
  • Include a schedule of activities in the event description. Ticket holders need to know when the event will open, when speakers will start and when the evening will conclude
  • Include catering infomation if you are providing.
  • Make sure the venue you are using doesn't have any exclusive ticketing agreements
  • Understand the ticketing fees for each ticketing platform and factor in to your budget
  • In almost all cases Blackbird and Startmate need to charge GST on tickets.

Get speaker bio and headshots

Create any event artwork required

Write event copy

This includes the event description, event details and event schedule

Obtain approvals from speakers, venue and any partners

Partners and speakers need to approve event copy before it goes live, particularly if they are mentioned at all in the copy. Obtain approval before publishing

Set up email announce event

Prepare socials from Blackbird/Startmate accounts

Connect ticketing platform to email marketing platform

Connect eventbrite to Autopilot through Zapier. Set up a custom list in eventbrite for the event, and make sure all RSVPs to the event get sent to this list.

This can also be done manually by downloading the event CSV from eventbrite and uploading through autopilot.

Send speakers and partners marketing material

Send speakers and partners the following:

  • Custom links
  • Event copy
  • Suggested tweet copy
  • Images
  • Email copy

Get speakers and partners to promote via their channels

Set up event reminder email to attendees

Set up a reminder email to send to event attendees.

Production (Event Day):

Prepare event kit

This should include anything you will need on the day

  • Clipboards
  • gaffer tape
  • cable ties
  • Pens
  • sharpies
  • Extension leads
  • Powerboards

It's often best practise to keep an event kit packed and ready to go. This saves work on the day

Send final marketing and socials out prior to event

Prepare attendee list

Set up event check in table

Take receipt of all deliveries

Set up production

Sound check

Laptop and projector check

Ensure clicker is close to Laptop being used for presentaiton

Confirm any catering

Display any signage required

Brief event and venue staff

Brief MC

Brief production staff

Make yourself aware of any safety hazards

Prepare water for speakers and MC

During event take photos and promote via socials

Post Production (After event):

Complete bump out checklist after event

Send out event surveys to attendees

get feedback from speakers

Send thank you notes to speakers and stakeholders

Add event attendees to any databases

Arrange for all hired items to be picked up

Remove ticketing/marketing software integration

Reconcile budget

Submit all receipts to accounts

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