Sprint Estimation is part of the Sprint Turnover process, which happens at the end of the last sprint but before the next sprint starts.

The idea is to check your JIRA for issues that were kicked out of the last sprint, or issues that appeared during the last sprint period. To make this process run smoothly, make sure to tag the issues in JIRA as you go.

For example, any feature-related issues will be planned ahead of time. These issues should be tagged — along with anything kicked out of the previous sprint — with "Issues for Next Sprint". This gives the whole team visibility of what they're going to work on, and helps you play Agile Poker!

Start with a joke

Start with a joke and break the ice. You're all about to get together and play Agile Poker, after all.

Use the Dad Joke Generator!

Review "Issues for Next Sprint" search in JIRA

As you progressed through your last sprint, there will have been issues to kick out, or issues that appeared but you didn't have time to address straight away. These should be tagged "Issues for Next Sprint", so you can easily access them for the estimation process.

[Insert a link to a filtered JIRA view of issues for next sprint]

Review recently created unresolved bugs

Let's make sure nothing was missed by reviewing issues tagged "Recently Created Unresolved Bugs" in JIRA.

Here's the link: [Insert link to a filtered JIRA view showing recently created unresolved bugs]

Estimate issues for the next sprint using Agile Poker plugin

Planning poker is a way for a team to quickly assign story points to issues without being influenced by each other's decisions.

For example, if one member were to assign 5 points to an issue out loud, the other members might be inclined to blindly agree to not risk being disagreeable or wrong. In a Planning poker situation, this is impossible because all point 'bets' are secret until the final reveal.

Agile Poker tools you can try:

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