The exact same way that agile methodology encourages short, iterative bursts of work that incrementally improve your product, it also encourages iterating and improving upon the way you run sprints.

A sprint retrospective is the process agile teams go through to optimize sprints by looking back on and learning from their successes and failures.

The key part of a retrospective is asking the team what they think went wrong, what went well, and what could be done differently to improve. This checklist will give the process structure, and give you a place to record the information (and, if you like, to automatically send that information to another app like Slack or JIRA).

Select participants

Edit the sub-checklist items below with the names of your team members. Every time you run the process, check off who will be participating so you have a record.

  • 1
    [Team member name 1]
  • 2
    [Team member name 2]
  • 3
    [Team member name 3]
  • 4
    [Team member name 4]
  • 5
    [Team member name 5]

Review tasks from last retrospective

Find all tasks in JIRA tagged "Retrospective" from the last sprint and see how they progressed.

If they weren't completed, discuss why.

What went well / wrong during the sprint cycle?

This is an opportunity to gripe about the sprint. It's an open forum, so feel free to say anything on your mind.

Each team member should have 1 thing that went well, and 1 thing that went wrong. If they don't, they should explain why.

Review velocity chart

For various reasons, velocity may change from one sprint to another.

It is important, however, to understand the reasons for the change, so we can make changes to the process and improve it.

[Insert link to JIRA velocity chart]

Create issues in JIRA labeled "Retrospective"

From the previous task, take all the things we can do to improve and make them into tasks in JIRA. Make sure that they are labeled Retrospective so we can find them next time.



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