Online recruiting is now the favorite way to advertise a vacancy. A lot of businesses now spend a lot of money doing it. Advertising a job online does have its drawbacks though:

  • You face a landslide of applicants who do not match the job requirements
  • Computer equipment can break down and software can fail
  • The process is impersonal and even gives rise to ghosting

However, the online world of job adverts offers tools and solutions for every online recruitment issue a company may have.

With this workflow, we’ll see you work step by step through the process of planning and implementing the advertisement of jobs online.

Optimized workflows make things easier, and Process Street is happy to let you in on how they work.

Choose the most appropriate online site:

There is an abundance of job sites including LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. Yet, you must consider carefully where you post. This is important as you could end up with hundreds, if not more, of applicants who are not suitable for the job vacancy.

Be specific about the skills the position needs, and consider specialist job sites for highly skilled professions.

Take advantage of free listings

LinkedIn is currently considered number one in increasing the quality of hires. You can also post a job for free on their website. They also incorporate screening questions and candidate ratings into their service.

You will need to balance this with the fact that free listings can attract hundreds of applications that are not suitable. Many sites offer the option to promote a listing to attract more suitable candidates. You can also use filters to politely reject unqualified applicants.

Consider specialized vacancy websites

If you are needing a candidate with highly specialized IT skills, you can consider more exclusive sites. Many job sites will vet their users to ensure no one can apply for vacancies without the correct technical skills. They also offer databases with thousands of suitable candidates for specific vacancies.

Use social media to advertize vacancies

How well known is your company brand on social media? As Glassdoor has said: One of the most challenging aspects of recruiting candidates for open roles is making sure candidates are aware of your brand

You can consult your existing employees to take advantage of social media. Ask them to put out a status message about your vacancy, or use Twitter to spread details of the vacancy. This is a great way to find good referrals for open positions.

Also, be sure to check Google to see if there are any negative reviews of your company.

Make the process quick and easy

LinkedIn can place an ad where you let potential candidates apply quickly and simply by uploading a copy of their current résumé. Many job seekers go for the easy apply approach on LinkedIn and other sites. 

You should try to consider the candidates’ time: they may not have the hours in the day to complete lengthy application forms. Plus the submitted résumés can easily be scanned for relevant keywords related to the job vacancy. Software such as Sage HR can be used to scan résumés that are relevant to the post you are advertising.

Think about an email marketing campaign:

If you have a vacancy page on your company website, set up a mailing list for those interested in future vacancies. This offers to notify applicants quickly and effectively every time you have a vacancy they may be interested in.

This can be leveraged with Facebook and Google Analytics. You can set up an ad on Facebook, and use a code from Google Analytics to track how many people have viewed your ad. This can show you how effective your job ads have been.

Perform outreach by targeting bloggers

If looking to hire talented and self-trained programmers, look to target bloggers who provide popular and often updated content in the area in which you need to hire. This also applies to many other highly technical skills.

Talk about upskilling In the job ad

Job skills are changing all the time. Recent research shows that jobs in finance, IT, and sales, will require up to 10 new skills within 18 months.

Top talent already knows this. So, let them know right up front that you will help them to upskill when needed. This will draw more suitable, and adaptable, candidates to you.

Allow having an informal chat about the position

In the ad, explain you are open to Zoom/phone chats about the vacancy. This will also help if you are reaching out to suitable candidates you’ve found through online search tools. You could even make it a call to action at the end of your job ad. Make sure to point out you are offering an informal chat only.

Create a skimmable job description:

In the online world, competition is fierce for attention. Realize that not everyone will have the time to read so much text. 

To help yourself, think about the contents table of a textbook. Have you found yourself skimming the contents to make sure it covers what you want and will let you know how long that will take? That’s exactly what your job description should do.

Cut down heavy text in job ads

To make your job description skimmable, you should:

  • Use large header titles above paragraphs so applicants can skim read
  • Use space in between paragraphs so it is easier on the eye
  • Discuss the job role more than your company details

Remember that when it comes to job descriptions, candidates skim.

Divide your job description into sections clearly labeled with a header:

Utilize your "About Us" page:

We just talked about limiting your company info in your job description. However, the company description on your website should be a great companion piece to your job ad

Interested candidates are going to research you, even before the interview looms. For this reason, make your “About Us” page show what a great employer you are. It can also talk up your track record.

Embed a great YouTube video

Attract candidates by showing them upfront who they will be working with. Consider a short video about the post with some words from the hiring manager and the team around them. You can post this into an online job ad, or onto the about us page of your website.

Apply infographics and artwork

You should do this sparingly and make it relevant to the job ad.

You could do this by:

  • Including a bar chart to show how long employees have stayed with you
  • Use artwork to space out dense text, as well as use bullet points

Save time with a job description template:

In large organizations, it will be time effective to use ready-made job ad templates. It is better if they are easily accessible online and available to all members of staff in your HR department.

Automate the process

Process Street has lots of job description templates to use, and you can even edit them to suit your vacancy. This can save a great deal of time and speed up the recruitment process. The templates are optimized and automated. They can also be accessed online 24-7.

Automating a process can make it happen so much faster.


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