The 14 Best Job Description Templates that Your Company Needs Today

The best job description templates

Did you know that job description templates can make your employee hunting 10x more efficient?

With the estimated cost of $4,129 for a new hire, it’s clear that that empty chair is an expensive one to fill. To make this cost more like an investment for your company than an expense, you want to get your hiring process right. You want to hire the ideal candidate, but where do you start?

At Process Street, we say you start your recruitment process by writing a solid job description. This is no easy task: you have around 14 seconds to convince applicants that your job is the perfect job for them.

Get your job description right and you can draw in the most qualified, skilled and well-fitting applicants. But how do you get your job description right?

We’ve covering what you need to know to start crafting the right job description for your needed role in this Process Street article. We’ve also provided you with 14 of the best job description templates for your company.

Let’s dive in!

What is a job description and why do you need it?

A job description provides a formal account of the responsibilities, duties, required skills and qualifications needed for a given role. It typically includes the common tasks, tools, and equipment used on a daily basis.

When searching for applicants to fill a position, you want to ensure they understand what they’re signing up for. A well-written job description allows you to do this. In this job description, you can detail the requirements you want the applicant to have. For example, a degree in a specific field or X years of experience.

To attract high-level talent, you want your job description to be effective. If not, you can kiss goodbye all those highly valuable applicants. Think of it this way: You don’t want a half-done resume from your applicant. Your prospective employees don’t want a half-done job description that says “Apply to learn more”. I sure don’t.

With the best job description, you can streamline your hiring process because:

  • You communicate to job seekers what you’re looking for in an applicant.
  • Your candidates understand what your requirements are regarding essential duties, skills, education, and work experience.
  • Confusion is avoided during the interview process, as both parties have clarity on the position.

Using job description templates helps you get down to business a whole lot quicker. The process of writing this job description is detailed right in front of you. All you need to do is follow the steps.

The 14 free job description templates your company needs

These 14 job description templates layout instructions for the creation of your job description. Each template uses both static content and dynamic fields to make the process slick, accurate, and proficient.

Our job description templates utilize a checklist approach. Checklists are simple, yet powerful tools with broadly recognized benefits when used in business. To summarize these benefits, checklists help you stay organized, motivated and productive. Checklists have even saved lives!

Granted, we are not saving lives here, but we are saving you time and money.

Our templates will ensure that your job description(s) successfully achieve the following:

In doing so, you can be confident that you are taking the right steps and your mistakes are reduced, streamlining the creation of your job description and increasing its efficiency. To reiterate, this saves you both time and money.

We have covered the what and the why in regards to job description templates, now let’s get started.

Accountant Job Description Template

Need a new accountant?

Wasp Barcode Technologies found in a recent study that accountants are considered the most important professionals in business.

Considering this, it is best to fill that vacant position quickly, and with the best candidate for you.Click here to access the Accountant Job Description Template!

Copywriter Job Description Template

Writing promotional material that inspires action in your customers isn’t easy. Often regarded as a salesman in print, copywriters are a valuable component of your marketing strategy.

Your online marketing strategy is becoming increasingly important with the rise of the internet and online content. Create content that stands out from the crowd with the best copywriter candidates that fulfill your marketing needs.Copywriter job description templateClick here to access the Copywriter Job Description Template!

Customer Service Manager Job Description Template

Having a motivated customer service representative team is important in providing an excellent service that builds loyal and strong relationships with your customers. But how do you ensure your customer service representative team remains positive and motivated?

This is one role, of many, of a customer service manager.

Hiring an excellent customer service manager will relay benefits towards your customer service team. This, in turn, increases your customer satisfaction level, and ultimately your bottom line.Customer service manager job description templateClick here to access the Customer Service Manager Job Description Template!

Customer Service Representative Job Description Template

Customer service representatives act as the liaison between the customer and the company, helping to retain customers and extract value from them.

We understand that having a good customer service manager significantly helps deliver the best customer service. However, it is important to acknowledge that to deliver the best, you need to hire the best at all levels. Along with your customer service manager, your customer service representatives are part of a team that, together, provide excellent client support.Customer service representative job description template.pngClick here to access the Customer Service Representative Job Description Template!

Editor Job Description Template

Editors are involved in planning, making revisions, and coordinating material for publication. Editors are crucial for the production of accurate and effective written pieces.

This could include the assessment of work written by your copywriters or content writers. Hiring a good editor ensures all of your content is at the required professional standard.Editor job description templateClick here to access the Editor Job Description Template!

Graphic Designer Job Description Template

There is a growing demand for graphic designers in the business space due to the increasing necessity for effective customer communication.

Most people are attracted and attentive to a uniquely designed ‘thing.’ Whether that is a leaflet, online advertisement or website. With good design, graphics can boost your sales by capturing this attention and incorporating the power of persuasion.Graphic designer job description templateClick here to access the Graphic Designer Job Description Template!

HR Manager Job Description Template

The people of an organization are often regarded as the company’s greatest assets. That’s why it is vital to have an effective HR department to support and nurture your greatest assets.

Happier and healthier employees are more productive and innovative. By providing support, your HR department has a strong, direct influence on the level of employee satisfaction.

To ensure that your HR department is first-rate in the support that is given, you need to hire a good HR team. Any good HR team needs a good manager.HR manager job description templateClick here to access the HR Manager Job Description Template!

IT Manager Job Description Template

The job of an IT manager is to coordinate, plan, and direct activities related to information systems and computers.

With good IT management, you can discern whether you are heading in the correct direction regarding your product and services in this advancing technological world.IT manager job description managerClick here to access the IT Manager Job Description Template!

Marketing Manager Job Description Template

Any TV commercial, online post, leaflet, newsletter, or email campaign requires careful planning and production. For example, estimating budgets, submitting campaigns for approval, working with advertisement agencies, and preparing sales.

The above are examples of the kind of processes marketing managers have to foresee in their role.

Good management of such marketing processes will boost your sales. To achieve good management, you need a good manager.Marketing manager job description template.pngClick here to access the Marketing Manager Job Description Template!

Receptionist Job Description Template

Receptionists are the jacks-of-all-trades figures in your company, often performing a multitude of tasks from contributing to business security, to administrative tasks and giving information to the public or customers.

Receptionists are that warm smile and a welcome during the first interactions an individual has with your business. Receptionists, therefore, play a critical role in forming first impressions with potential clients, partners, and the public.

Make sure you get these first impressions right by hiring a strong receptionist candidate.Receptionist job description templateClick here to access this Receptionist Job Description Template!

Sales Manager Job Description Template

By using an effective sales management strategy, you can obtain a 5-10% increase in sales.

To reap such benefits, you need to make sure your sales management both leads and coaches your sales team. For this, specific skills, qualifications, experience, and personality traits are needed.Sales manager job description templateClick here to access the Sales Manager Job Description Template!

Software Developer Job Description Template

From your favorite game to your favorite phone app, the creation of both begins with a software developer. That’s right, software developers are those creative minds behind any computer program and application.

In regards to your business, software development means accessibility of your offerings from the touch of a smartphone or computer.

Software development allows online access which can improve your sales and services.
To achieve the best improvements to your sales and services, your software developers must possess the required skills, experience, and qualifications.Software developer job description templateClick here to access this Software Developer job Description Template!

Web Designer Job Description Template

Web design and web development are terms frequently used together, but incorrectly so.

A web designer is focussed on the aesthetic side of a given web platform. This overall look and feel of a website is created through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.To obtain a good web design you need to hire a good web designer.Web designer job description templateClick here to access the Web Designer Job Description Template!

Web Developer Job Description Template

As mentioned above, web developers are different from web designers. Web developers work more behind the scenes, responsible for a given website’s code, which tells the website how to function.

With good web development, you will obtain the necessary web presence to get in touch with millions of web surfers around the world.

For a well-developed website, you need to hire the best talent.Web developer job description template.pngClick here to access this Web Developer Job Description Template!

Effortlessly create killer job description with Process Street

Process Street provides superpowered checklists, meaning we are a leading workflow management tool. By using Process Street you can manage and organize the creation of your desired job description, so you can obtain that ideal candidate.

Why not check out some of our other resources available to help you with your employee onboarding processes?

Have we missed any positions that you would like a job description template for? Let us know in the comments!

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