When it comes to creating blog content, there are many steps between getting from ideation to publishing. It's often too easy to overlook the smaller details such as running spell check, checking that HTML formatting, or making sure you've done proper SEO

That's especially the case when content writers are juggling multiple posts.

Luckily for you, we've created this blog content approval checklist to make sure you never miss anything when working on your blog posts.

This checklist also includes automated approval tasks that allow for content editors and managers to quickly and easily approve (or deny) edits and revisions to your content, so there isn't any time wasted on the more minute tasks. This will make meeting deadlines easier than ever before.

Your first task is to record some basic info about the blog post.

Record post links:

Record the link to the final blog post

Firstly, you'll need to record the link to the final post using the form field below.

If you don't yet know what the link will be, you can predict it from your keyword.

Before publishing:

Perform spell-check

Next, you should run your blog content through spell check

Afterwards, you can save a copy of your post using the form field below.

Proofread content

You will also need to make sure that your blog post is properly proofread

Record the people who have proofread your post using the form fields below. You should ideally have at least two people (not including yourself) proofread your post.

Ensure your content includes sub-headings

Make sure your post is broken up by sub-headings (<h3> tags) to make your blog content more scannable. 

Make lists and bullets uniform

Check to make sure all of the formatting of your lists and bullets are standardized.

Using lists and bullets can be a great way of making your post more scannable for your reader. 

Review image size and ratio

Images should be at least 1000px wide and ratio 16:9 for the best quality.

Make sure you check that all of your images meet this criteria.

Double-check your video embeds

Just as you've done with your images, now make sure all of your video links are working and that you've used the correct embeds.

Ensure quote sources are accurate

Next, you should double check that all of quotes you've included are sourced properly with the source's name and the original content's link.

Review HTML formatting

This may be self-explanatory, but just go through your entire blog post and make sure that all of your content is formatted correctly and consistently throughout.

Prepare final content for approval

Use this task to get your final draft of your blog post to your editor/content manager and get their approval.

By using the Members form field below, assign the person who will approve your finished blog post.

Then just simply upload the final draft to this task.

Approval: Blog post

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Prepare final content for approval
    Will be submitted


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