Add Members to Your Organization

You can add users (Members, Guests or other Admins) to your organization to allow them access to your processes.

You can further control the permissions of each member, on folders, workflows or workflow runs so that they will only see and access what you need them to.

Users: In order to add users to your organization, you must be an Administrator.

How to invite new members

Click your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Settings” to access your “Members & Guests” tab.

To invite a new Member, type their email address and their name in the field to the right and click “Invite“.

To invite a new Guest, make sure you check the box “Invite as guest” under the email field before clicking “Invite“.

Learn about the difference between members and guests.

Learn more about managing members once you’ve added them and user permissions.


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