How Do Subtasks Work?

Subtasks are smaller checklists which can be placed inside a task in your templates. They are perfect for breaking complex tasks into smaller steps whilst still tracking your progress.

How to use the subtask widget

To use the subtask widget, or any other widget for that matter, you must be editing a template. Do this by clicking the cog next to a template’s name in your dashbaord, then on “Edit this template”.

Navigate to the task you want to add a subtask to, then cast your eye to the right-hand widget menu.

Add a subtask by clicking the second-to-last button down.


You can add and delete tasks in the subtask much like regular tasks – hit your “Enter” key to add another task to the subtask, and hit “Backspace” on an empty task to delete it.

Check out the gif below to see it in action.

To learn more, check out our help articles on text widgets, form fields, and email widgets.

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