An invoice is a document that itemizes a transaction between a buyer/hiring business and a seller/employee.

An invoice will usually include the quantity of purchase, price of goods and/or services, date, parties involved, unique invoice number, and occasionally tax information. If goods or services were purchased on credit, the invoice will usually specify the terms of the deal, and provide information on the available methods of payment.

Here at Process Street, we made this Creating An Invoice Template to ensure you receive your money.

 For instructions on how to setup this template to automatically email invoices to your clients, ==> read this post.


Enter invoice info

To start off the invoice you're going to need to enter the invoice information. This will provide the client with crucial info so they know what needs to be paid and when for. Using the form fields below, fill in the following form fields

Enter client info

Next up after inserting your own information, is the information of your client or who you're sending the invoice to. Do this by using the form fields below. 

Enter your info

Once the invoice information has been entered, you now have to add in your information so the client knows where to pay to and who to pay it to. Fill in the information, using the form fields below. 


Generate the invoice

Check this task to generate the invoice. Ensure your Zap is working correctly before doing so. 

Receive money

The invoice will now be generated and sent to the client. Allowing you to be paid for your services or product. 


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