Introduction to Customer Feedback Survey Process:

Customer Feedback Survey Process

In this customer feedback survey process, we provide a means to take action on data gathered through surveying your customers

This template was originally designed to be run as part of a process outlined on our Process Street help site titled How to Integrate Typeform with Process Street.

The use case is a company who choose to survey their customers to gain feedback on their service. The survey responses then automatically generate checklists from this Process Street template. In this template, the customer success team analyzes the responses and acts on them.  

The goal is to gather the key information from the responses in order to easily interpret trends, and to determine a next step where either the customer success team or the sales team can follow up with the respondent.  

This template can be used to act upon any customer feedback. The results will be stored in the overview tab of the template and can then be exported at any time in order to evaluate trends. 

Throughout this template, you will find form fields where you can enter information. If you add this template to your Process Street account, you can add further steps and form fields to the process. 

Assess feedback given

If you are running this checklist in line with our Typeform integration system, you should find the customer responses automatically entered in the form fields below.

If you are running this checklist separately of that process, you can use the form field present to record the customer feedback for reference. 

Identify 3 positive themes

Use the form fields provided to record three positive themes from the feedback, if applicable.

Identify 3 causes for concern

Use the form fields provided to record three negative themes from the feedback, if applicable.

Identify the key use case given

Use this section to identify what the primary use case appears to be of your service for the respondent. How do you add value to this customer?

Identify any high priority issues

Assess the feedback given for any high priority issues. Depending on your business these may be:

  • Your product isn't functioning
  • A delivery did not arrive
  • The customer has been overcharged

If there is a high priority issue, record it in the form field below

Determine the purpose of contact with the respondent

Depending on the nature of the feedback, the reason for a follow up could come in many forms. Here are some example circumstances: 


The customer is happy with your service or product and may be a good candidate for a further product or upgraded service


The customer is having difficulty with the product or service and would benefit from understanding it better. This could involve sending over simple instructional material or hosting a webinar for more tailored assistance.


The customer requires certain features or services to meet their needs and you want to better understand those needs and how your business can come to meet them. 

Use the form field below to record the purpose of follow up contact.

Record interaction in the CRM

If you are utilizing a CRM system within your company, record these details into it in order to make this easier to track in future. 

Assign the follow up to the relevant team member

Depending on the results of your analysis of the feedback, allocate this follow up to the relevant team member. 

If a customer is a prime candidate to be upsold, then you may allocate them to the sales team, for example. 

Record below who, or which team, the follow up has been assigned to along with your reasoning. 


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