Intro to Daily Work Schedule Checklist for Editor Tasks:

Daily Checklist: How I Do My Daily Work Schedule Checklist With Process Street

Run this checklist every day assigned to yourself. 

Begin by recording your objectives for the day. 

Work through necessary daily admin tasks to make sure recurring work isn't overlooked. 

Complete variable daily duties flexibly on the basis of need.

Make sure all tasks which were needed to be completed were completed, and at the end of the day Complete the checklist.

You can schedule this checklist to automatically run each day. 

You could also connect Process Street with other platforms to trigger custom notifications in Slack, Microsft Teams, or by text every time the checklist launches. 

If you want to watch me talk through this checklist, watch the video below:

Daily Checklist: My Daily Work Schedule Checklist With Process Street

Or, check out this post on Medium where I explain how I came to create this checklist, along with a series of super helpful tips about creating checklists:

Daily Checklist: How I Do My Daily Work Schedule Checklist With Process Street

That link above should be a 'friends link' so you shouldn't have any problems with paywalls or anything like that!

Record daily objectives

Review daily policies

  • Act like an owner
  • Default to action
  • Focus on the process
  • Practice prioritization
  • Pay attention to details
  • Over-communicate everything, twice


  • Label everything
  • Add tasks to Airtable
  • Ping people in Slack, don't assume they get your message
  • Change the process when you see a problem, not later.

You could alternatively include some motivational quotes or whatever it is that gets you through the day.

Morning admin duties:

Assess recurring strategy processes

Do you need to plan, audit, or analyse anything as part of a strategy process?

Check your PS inbox.

What items are due today?

Check the marketing tasks calendar

Post in content-creation to ask about whatever task is due today.

Does any information need to be broadcast?

If there are posts to be discussed on Thursday, post them in content-creation on Wednesday and a reminder on Thursday. 

If it's Thursday, remind people to update their Airtable board and include percentage figures. 

If first Monday of the month, remind people to attend the company all hands.

Sort through emails

Send new guest post submissions this link:

Email response text:

You can find our blog guidelines here:

And if you read it fully you will find a link which will generate a checklist where you can submit your piece. (Best to do that in one big go when the post is ready) 

Check Intercom messages

Marketing survey responses go here: 

Approve WordPress comments

Plan time for writing

Check for Linkedin messages

Plan time for process improvements

Fill in this form for any new process improvement:

You can find all process improvements here in Airtable:

Review job applicants

Are there any new job applicants in your email?

Process the applications within Greenhouse.

Application management via Greenhouse: 

You don't have to process all of them. See how many require processing and determine how many you have capacity for today.

Review deep linking progress


  • Check more posts are in the view.
  • Check enough posts are assigned to the right people.
  • Check that all links work in recently updated posts.

Check the requests for marketing

Check the Airtable view here: 

  1. Find new entries
  2. Assess importance
  3. Create marketing task
  4. Assign marketing task to a sprint
  5. Assign marketing task to a person
  6. Assign a points value

Scan for any useful HARO requests and respond

Review experiments

Do you need to work on experiments today? 

Variable daily duties:

Objective 1


Objective 2


Objective 3


Objective 4


Objective 5


Further objectives


Afternoon meetings:

Prepare for meetings

Attend meetings

Posts on Thursday meetings should be introduced with the question: 

How can this be improved?

Sort any action items

End of the day tasks:

Do upvotes and interact with mentions

Determine tomorrow's tasks

Update Airtable to reflect day's progress

Check both Airtable calendars are still accurate

Enter into tomorrow's process and complete me

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