From podcasts to blog posts, social videos to newsletters, the content you and your company create directly impacts your bottom-line.

However, creating content is time-consuming. It often takes weeks upon weeks to make valuable, interesting content for your audience. 

But what if there was an easy way to repurpose a single piece of media - a live broadcast, for instance - and turn it into a blog post, a podcast, and a social video?

Founder, coach, author, and podcast creator Ari Meisel has solved the issue of sluggish, lengthy content creation and content distribution with what he calls his "content machine". 

This easy-to-follow guide will take you through the process of creating your own "content machine", which repurposes a Facebook Live video into various forms of digital media. By outsourcing certain tasks and making use of automations, your new process will require minimal manual input.

Follow this guide once to set up everything you need.

It's time to be content with your content.

Ari Meisel's "content machine":

Before getting started, it's important to familiarize yourself with the model you're basing your "content machine" off from.

The following task will ask you to look at Ari Meisel's own "content machine".

So that the process is properly followed, this guide makes use of stop tasks. This means you cannot progress until important tasks have been completed.

To learn more about stop tasks, watch the video below.

Familiarize yourself with Meisel's "content machine"

Familiarize yourself with Meisel's "content machine" by looking at the flow chart below.

The flow chart below shows how an original piece of content can be repurposed into different formats, meaning your content can reach multiple audiences.

Take a look at the flow chart and familiarize yourself with it.

"The beauty of this system is that the “trigger” can be whatever kind of content is most convenient for you. If you like writing, kick it off with a blog post. If you prefer the off-the-cuff, “raw” feeling of a live streaming video, start with a Facebook Live. Still, if you like to sit in a quiet room and record an audio podcast, that works too.

Using a series of tools, automation, and potentially some outsourcing, your content can live on in every other medium (even there is for weeks or even months. For this example, I’ll start the process with Facebook Live and walk you through what happens next but remember that this process is completely customizable to your preferences." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

Using Facebook Live:

The first step in creating the "content machine" is creating your initial content. Meisel uses and suggests Facebook Live.

The next steps will take you through the process of setting up, scheduling, and broadcasting Facebook Live content.

Schedule a Facebook Live broadcast

Schedule a Facebook Live broadcast to get the "content machine" started.

Schedule your Facebook Live broadcast for a specific date or set of days. Keep in mind the more Facebook Live videos you schedule and create, the more content you'll gather.

As a reference point, read how Meisel structures his Facebook Live schedule:

"When I record my Facebook Live it's usually based on a simple schedule we have in place for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays based on the week of the month. So for example, the first Wednesday of every month might be a “backstage” post where I talk about some new process we are working on. The third Friday of every month could be a post about a Battle or Small Victory, very rough prompts to get my creative juices flowing." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

Consider using LiveLeap

Consider using LiveLeap to automatically share your Facebook Live videos.

LiveLeap is a tool which helps creators automatically share their live Facebook broadcasts to other places, such as Facebook pages and groups.

Meisel recommends it as a useful resource:

"You can use a web app called LiveLeap to simultaneously broadcast a Facebook Live to as many Facebook Groups, Pages, and Profiles as you want." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

Consider using LiveLeap yourself.

Use Facebook Live as the content machine's trigger

Use Facebook Live as the content machine's trigger.

Now that the video or videos have been scheduled, it's time to set Facebook Live as the trigger of the "content machine". This can be done with, which will be explored further in the next section.

"I can set up this content machine to take every single Facebook Live I do as a trigger or I can specify that it only does it when the post includes a specific hashtag, like #contentdominator for example." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

Making workflows via

Once you've recorded your Facebook Live video(s), you can then start the process of setting up the content distribution aspects of the "content machine". 

"The next part of the process is a wonderful tool called created by fellow techpreneur Hani Mourra. Repurpose creates workflows between several of the most popular content platforms." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

The following tasks will show you how to create podcasts, blog posts, and social videos from your Facebook Live video(s), making your content strategy the best it can be. 

Create podcasts via

Create podcasts of your Facebook Live video(s) via

Meisel suggests to create two audio podcasts which are automatically published by to LibSyn and Soundcloud, and a video podcast that can be published to YouTube.

This will make sure different audiences will notice your audible content.

Ari Meisel explains further:

"The first thing we’ll do is create three podcasts. Two of them will be audio podcasts and one will be a video podcast, of the audio podcast…see the recirculation starting to happen?

If you want to have a fully produced podcast that goes to an audio engineer and then to a show notes writer, etc… you would simply have the Facebook Live video converted to audio through Repurpose and then shared with a company like Podfly or Fullcast." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

Produce blog posts via

Create blog posts of your Facebook Live video(s) via

So that your content is read as well as heard, turn your Facebook Live video(s) into readable content by using

There are multiple ways to set this written content distribution up successfully.

Use Ari Meisel's explanation as a reference point:

"Now we come back to the written word and again we have some options. If you want to just keep it raw, then you can take the video, have Repurpose strip the audio and save it to a Dropbox folder. Then you create an automation through Zapier to take that file and send it to Temi to be transcribed. At this point, you could take the raw transcript and then publish it to platforms like Medium and Slideshare or you could send it to a service like ContentFly which gives you access to on-demand writers to take your work and create an original, SEO enhanced article to post on Medium." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

For more information on how to build a blog successfully, read the hyperlinked post published on Duct Take Marketing.

Make social videos via

Create social videos of your Facebook Live video(s) via

Using, create social videos of your Facebook Live video(s). Social videos are engaging videos which are shared across social media platforms, and a useful medium for those in the field of content creation.

As Ari Meisel explains:

"Now we can take the RSS feed from your new Medium article and feed that into a tool like Lumen5 which will create those catchy social media videos with the impactful images and text overlay. It will use machine learning to pick images and important points to make a video that then guests post back on any of your social media outlets." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

Create another podcast via

Create a podcast from your Medium text via

To maximize the content you're able to generate from your Facebook Live video(s), the next step is to create one more business podcast.

This podcast is created from the text on your Medium post, via an add-on called

"Using a Medium add-on called any article that gets posted on your Medium account will be automatically turned into a spoken word podcast which will post on the article itself but also as a standalone podcast." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute

Promote written content on social media via MissingLettr

Promote your written content on social media via MissingLettr.

Now that you have content on Medium, you can schedule MissingLettr to promote the content for you across social media.

As explained by Ari Meisel:

"MissingLettr sees the RSS feed from your new Medium articles and extracts salient points, adds images and schedules up to a year of social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Using Zapier you can expand that to other platforms like Instagram and Yammer." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute 

Set up the email newsletter:

The next part of the process is to share your content with your email list.

The following task will help you choose an appropriate email platform and set up the email template.

Use an email platform for content promotion

Use an email platform and send out promotional emails to your audience.

So that you're promoting your content well, you'll want to choose an email platform like CovertKit.

Once you've chosen your email platform, you'll want to set up a template and push the email out to your mailing list.

For extra guidance, read Ari Meisel's text below:

"Most of the major email platforms like ConvertKit or Mailchimp can create email newsletters to your list based on an RSS feed. You simply set up a template and then when a new article is published on Medium it can email that to your audience as a “weekly digest” to make sure that you cover all possible bases. You can also use ReLike to create a newsletter from the posts on your Facebook Page." - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute 

Additional steps:

You've now successfully set up the "content machine", meaning you can reuse and repurpose your content across a myriad of different mediums, reaching separate and distinct audiences online.

If you're wanting to maximize the potential of the "content machine", the next step contains guidance from Ari Meisel regarding how you can bolster the process further.

Consider automating and outsourcing further

Consider automating and outsourcing additional steps to bolster the "content machine" further.

Now that you've fully set up Ari Meisel's "content machine" yourself, think about ways to maximize the marketing processes of the "content machine".

If you're interested in setting up extra automations and outsourcing additional steps, read Meisel's advice below:

"Now keep in mind that at any point you can jump in and get more hands-on, either yourself or through outsourcing. If you want a writer to polish up your articles, or a graphic designer to keep images on brand, you just need to plug and play and swap in and out resources where needed.

You can continue recirculating the content as well since each iteration will have a somewhat different bend to it.

Lastly, you can build in delays to any part of this process to spread out the content, literally giving you months of activity from a few minutes of your time.
" - Ari MeiselHow to Create One Month of Content in One Minute 


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