Whether you're doing creative work, enterprise management, or good old fashioned manufacturing, managing and keeping track of your invoices is a crucial part of keeping a business alive. 

Using an automated invoice approval workflow can help companies streamline the invoice generation process and steer clear of any inconsistencies that could arise as a result of using manual invoicing processes, all whilst maintaining transparency.

That's why here at Process Street, we've made this invoice approval workflow checklist template to not only ensure you receive your money, but also make sure the invoices are properly generated to begin with.

So, let's get started!


Record invoice details

Firstly, you're going to need to document the invoice information so that you'll be able to provide the client with important information they'll need to understand what needs to be paid and when.

Simply fill out the form fields below.

Record client details

Next is recording your client's information or who you're sending the invoice to.

Do this by using the form fields below. 

Record your details

Now you'll have to add your information so the client knows where to pay to and who to pay it to. 

Fill in the information, using the form fields below. 

Because this process may involve multiple people (client, bookkeeper, etc.) you can make things easier for yourself by assigning roles.

Use the Members feature below to specify who will be doing what.


Create and upload the invoice

Take some time to create an invoice using the information you've gathered above and then upload it below.

Approval: Invoice (Bookkeeper)

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Create and upload the invoice
    Will be submitted

Send invoice to client

You can use this email widget to email your invoice to your client.

Just make sure everything looks okay or feel free to make any changes and send!

Collect payment

(Conditional) Follow up with client if payment has not yet been received

Because your payment is late, follow up with your client to ask why the invoice hasn't been paid yet and make sure they will make the payment as soon as possible. 

Client email address: {{form.Client_email}}

Client phone number: {{form.Client_phone_number}}

(Conditional) Collect late payment

Only check off this task when you can confirm that the late payment has been received.

Use the form fields below to document what date the invoice was paid on and how late it was exactly. 


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