Basic project information

Fill in the basic information of the project request form using the form fields below.

Predicted project timeline

Use the form fields below to lay out the rough timeline of the project. Edit this template to add, remove, or alter the number of phases.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Assigned teams

Note the teams assigned to this project and their roles in its completion using the form fields below.

Remember that you can edit this template to alter the number of fields available, or even directly assign team members to this template.

Completion method

Now that the basics are noted down, it's time to record the rough completion method for the project below.

Remember - this doesn't have to be overly detailed. Instead, focus on providing a high-level description of how to complete the project as a whole. At the very least break it into smaller tasks so that the assigned teams can internally divide it further.

Senior project staff

Now it's time to record the senior figures which will be supporting/organizing the project. This will namely be the project manager, client, and sponsor (if applicable).

Project budget

Now you need to lay out the budget of the project as best you can. This will give your team a direct goal, and let them know exactly what is expected of them while also assuring your stakeholders that you won't be going over-budget.

Required resources

Documenting the resources that will be required for the project to be completed will greatly help your team to prepare thoroughly and therefore complete their tasks more quickly, and so that is precisely what you need to do now.

Monitoring method

You're almost finished - now it's time to record the method you'll be using to monitor the progress of the project to make sure that everything's running to schedule.

Signed approval for project

Finally, you need to make sure that this project request form has been approved by all relevant parties - namely, the client, sponsor, stakeholder, manager, and team leaders (if all are applicable).

  • 1
    Approved by client
  • 1
    Approved by project manager
  • 1
    Approved by sponsor
  • 1
    Approved by stakeholder(s)
  • 1
    Approved by team leader(s)

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