How to Edit Templates

Templates are the basis of all of your checklists in Process Street, so it’s natural that at some point you’re going to want to edit them. Perhaps the time has come to update a template or you’re looking to change a premade template you’ve imported; either way, it’s time to edit.

There are two ways to edit an existing template:

  • Directly from the dashboard
  • From the template view mode

Both of these methods utilize the “Edit” option in the template’s menu, so the quickest method depends on if you’re currently viewing your dashboard or you’ve already opening the template.

Remember, you must have ‘can edit’ permission to edit templates. If you don’t, you must get access from your administrator.

Editing a template

If you’re already on the home screen, filtering by tag or inside a folder, there’s no need to go into the template to edit it. Instead, click the cog next to the template’s name to open the menu.

Not that you can click on the template’s name to view it, which will bring up the same menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

Either way, once this menu is open, go ahead and select “Edit this template” from it to start editing.

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