Setting up media monitoring in Mention | Process Street Setting up media monitoring in Mention – Process Street

Sign up for a Mention account

Go to and sign up for an account.

Choose what you're monitoring

You'll most likely want to listen for mentions of your company, so pick the left-hand box.

Input your company's details

Putting in your company's name should auto-fill your URL, Twitter & Facebook profiles.

Confirm mention sources & languages

You can filter your mentions to only include blog mentions, or see every mention available.

Confirm you can see your mentions coming in

The app will now start listening for mentions of your company all over the internet.

(After a day, check to confirm your mentions are being picked up.)


Make sure your email notifications are coming in

Set the email notifications to trigger every morning, and you'll be able to easily get together promotion-worthy mentions to tweet out, submit to social bookmarking sites or link back to.