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Shape Up Process: Betting

Shape Up Process: Betting

Betting is the second phase of Shape Up's development method, follow this checklist to start betting.
Introduction to Betting:
Enter checklist details
Assign members to bet
Upload pitches & place bets:
Upload and revise pitches
Place your bet
Analyze feedback
Summarize winning pitch(es)
Post the kick-off message:
Move onto building
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Introduction to Betting:

Shape Up Process: Betting

Welcome to Process Street’s Shape Up Processes template pack.

This template pack will take you through the three key phases of Shape Up’s development methodology: 

  1. Shaping
  2. Betting
  3. Building

This template focuses on the second phase, betting.  There are a few critical points to touch on before cracking on with the betting process.

  1. Cycles give you a standard project size both for shaping and scheduling. Shape Up recommends running on cycles of 6 weeks. Between each cycle, there is a cool-down period …
  2. The cool-down period is a 2-week time slot between each cycle to do ad-hoc tasks, fix bugs, and hold a betting table. 

What's a betting table?

Betting table: A meeting during cool-down when stakeholders decide which pitches to bet on in the next cycle. 

The potential bets to consider are either new pitches shaped during the last six weeks or possibly one or two older pitches that someone specifically chose to revive.

In Shape Up there is no backlog. Just a few good pitches to consider. 

Enter checklist details

Use the form fields below to record checklist details. 

Assign members to bet

Use the assign members field below to assign the members you wish to include in the betting process

Upload pitches & place bets:

The following task will ask you to upload or link your pitches for the betting table.  The task has been assigned to all team members included in the betting process

Upload and revise pitches

Upload pitches to the betting table and place your bets.

Here are some common questions to ask yourself when at the betting table and are debating which bets to place. When placing your bet tick off each sub-task to show that you’ve considered the questions

  • 1

    Does the problem matter?
  • 2

    Is the appetite right?
  • 3

    Is the solution attractive?
  • 4

    Is this the right time?
  • 5

    Are the right people available?

Place your bet

Now you’ve had a chance to revise each of the pitches it’s time to place your bets. 

From the drop-down below select which pitch you wish to bet on. Then provide your reason for the bet in the text field. 

Analyze feedback

Below are the results of the betting table and the reason for the bet

The Betting Table 





Once everybody has placed their bets, select the pitches you’re running with from the dropdown below.

Summarize winning pitch(es)

In the text field below briefly summarize each of the winning pitches

This information will then be used to inform the team which pitches they’ll be working on. Keep things brief but informative. 


Post the kick-off message:

 Post the kick-off message.

With the bets in place, you should now know the winning pitches. The next step is to let everyone in the team know which projects they will be working on for the next cycle. 

Move onto building

Now it’s time to start building. 

For the building process click this link: Shape Up Process: Building


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