Getting Started with Process Street

Welcome to your Process Street Getting Started Guide! Your journey to systemizing starts here…

Why you’re doing this

You’re here for any number of reasons; because you want your business to be better, you want to achieve more in less time, you want to get organised, to grow.. We get it.. And we can help with that!

What you are going to get out of it

Many great things! No we’re not joking.. Many of our customers have told us that they benefit from using Process Street by… 

  • Saving significant amounts of time
  • Standardizing operations 
  • Increasing growth
  • Streamlining team communication
  • Reducing human error
  • Centralizing information
  • Tracking workflows

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of these case studies:

Dodson Property Management  |  iQ Food Co.  |  NW Maids  |  Renegard  |  A Team Lending 

Whatever your goals are for using Process Street, we’ll help you achieve them. You’ll develop keystone habits along the way and before long, you’ll forget what life was like before Process Street 🙂

How are we going to do this?

At each step of the way, you’ll work through a lesson where you’ll learn new skills and habits to help you, your team and your business achieve those goals. 

The lessons are packed full of tips for success, with videos and images to help you navigate all the features and tools that Process Street has to offer. Some of our features might not be obvious if you take the self-learning approach without lessons, so we strongly recommend that you work through the program step by step to ensure you’ve got it dialled!

Tips for success

Time management

We’re rooting for you to get the most out of Process Street, but you need to root for yourself too! Process Street is an amazing tool that can benefit your business in so many ways, but like anything new, it takes time to learn. 

We recommend you set aside time to work through the onboarding program. It’s going to take you around 5 hours if you use all the features, but with a minimum of 15-20 minutes per day we can get you using Process Street like a pro! Go set a calendar reminder now and let’s get this rolling…


Share the love! Once you’ve got through the basics of using Process Street you’ll see how it excels when you start collaborating with team members and clients. Your processes will be on fire!

Lesson Plan

The aim of working through these lessons is to get you up to speed by the time you finish your trial period on Process Street. Of course you can go as fast or take as long as you need to build out your processes, but we’d like you to see the full benefits of using Process Street sooner rather than later!

We recommend that you work through the lessons one by one, although we know some of you will be keen to skip ahead, so here’s a breakdown of all the lessons to come: 





Ready to get started?

OK let’s do this! Head straight to your first lesson>

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