You can automatically trigger this pre-publish checklist to run when your post needs reviewing by integrating Process Street with another app.

For example, if you have a Trello column set up called "Run pre-publish", you can use Zapier to trigger a checklist to be run for any card moved into that column.

You can even push the URL of your checklist back into the comments of the Trello card!

Pre-publish checklists are boring and repetitive especially when you have to run them every single time you're writing a blog post. But, when writing a blog post either personally or professionally, you can often forget simple things from running a spell check to checking all links are not broken.

That is why we created this Blog Pre-Publish Checklist, to ensure you never miss anything when creating your blog post. 

Record post links:

Record post link

Record the link to the final post using the form field below. If you don't yet know what the link will be, predict it from the slug (which should be your keyword).


Run spell check

First up in our blog pre-publish checklist is to run the content through a spell checker! At this time it's also worth saving a copy of your post using the form field below.

Once you have this version saved, either copy your post into a word processor or run it internally on WordPress (or similar).

Proofread post

Next up, you need to ensure that your post is proofread. Record the people who have proofread your post using the form fields below.

Although not always necessary, it's good to have at least two people other than yourself proofread your content to check for errors.

If you're using WordPress there is an internal proofreading function. Use this only after you and at least one other have thoroughly looked over the post, just to check for any errors you might have missed. 

Write 5 headlines

Write 5 headlines to test on social media. Record these headlines (and which is most effective) with the form fields below.

Note that you should have written many more headlines than this for the initial post; these are just the titles for social media purposes.

Use the results in the future to determine which kind of title is the most effective. More information can be found here on Hubspot.

Include sub-headings

Ensure that there are sub-headings in your post. These should be <h3> tags and used to break the post down into scannable chunks.

Standardize your lists (and bullets)

Check the formatting of your lists and bullet points to ensure it is standardized. Using lists and bullets is another great way of making your post more readable. 

Check image size and ratio

In order to ensure that your great content is not let down by sub-par images, you must now check their size and ratio.

Images should be at least 1000px wide and ratio 16:9

Check your video embeds

Now that your images are all sorted, you need to pay the same attention to your video embeds. Once again, ensure that all are working and are the correct embeds whilst recording the videos' links in the form field below.

YouTube has functionality on WordPress that allows you to just paste the link without embed code. If you're using another service, you may have to both find the embed code and tweak it so the frame sits nicely on your page.

Check all quotes

You're almost there - now you need to double check all quotes you have included. Record the source (preferably the person and original content's link) in the form field below.

Ensure that you attribute quotes correctly, have <blockquote> tags start and finish where they're meant to.

Check for any strange formatting

This is pretty self-explanatory; you need to make sure that all of your content is in a consistent format.

Prepare finished blog post for review

Next up, provide a URL to your finished post, ready to be reviewed and approved. 

Using the Members form field below, assign the individual who will approve the finished blog post.

By doing this, you assure they are notified as soon as the blog post is ready to be approved.

Check out our Knowledge Base for more information on the approvals feature.

Approval: Finished blog post

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Prepare finished blog post for review
    Will be submitted

Check publish date

Now you need to quickly check the publish date to ensure that it is correct. Record the publish date using the form field below.

Update headline to best performing (post A/B test)

Now you need to update the headline of the post to the one which performed best in your A/B tests. Record the final headline in the form field below.


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