Making sure your team meets all their deadlines is an important part of content marketing management - but you can't just give your team the work and hope they'll sort it out on their own. 

Planning, strategy, and process are what transform goals into achievements, and your content marketing workflow management should be no exception. 

Monthly sprint planning is what provides your team with the necessary tools to successfully move forward together. It's important to fully understand what needs to be done and who will be doing it. 

You also want to ensure that your content strategy is aligned with your overall business goals. At the beginning of every sprint, you should take a step back and reassess your situation before regrouping with your team and discussing the plan in order to unify the content strategy with the creative production and its distribution. 

This content marketing workflow management checklist helps you to streamline all of that. 

It offers a quick and easy process that can be repeated at the start of every sprint to ensure that your monthly workloads are being properly managed and your team's time is being spent optimally. 

The checklist also makes use of our automated Approvals feature and allows for your manager to be able to effortlessly review your plans once you've set them up and approve (or deny) them from the convenience of his inbox so that your team can immediately move forward.


Compile a list of prioritized product backlog

First on your list for preparation is to compile a list of your prioritized product backlog so you know what needs to be focused on in the new sprint. This can be done by taking a glance at your project management software's backlog.

Use the form field below to jot down what needs to be prioritized.

Compile a list of employees and their capacity/schedule risks

Take time to list all of the relevant team members that will be participating in the new sprint cycle and their capacities

This will help you assign tasks to your team members without any overlaps or overworking.

Because this process may involve multiple people (manager, team members, etc.) you can make things easier for yourself by assigning roles.

Use the Members feature below to specify who will be doing what and feel free to add more roles as needed.


Schedule initial meeting with team

Schedule an initial meeting with your team to discuss the month's agenda and guidelines. During the meeting, walk through your list of prioritized product backlog and decide with your team what exactly to focus on during the new sprint.

Use the date field below to specify a date.

Conduct initial meeting

You can use the form field below to record any notes or important points from the meeting.

Estimate time spent on each task

Take some time to compile the tasks you and your team decided on during your initial meeting, their priority, and how much time should be allocated to spend working on them in the form field below.

Assign tasks to each team member

Now that you have the tasks to cover in the next sprint, along with their priority, and allocated time for each, you'll need to assign your sprint tasks to your team members.

This step is pretty straightforward, but there are a few important things to consider during this step:

  • Which team members are free (for example, a team member could be sick, or on vacation)
  • The number of points assigned to each team member (all team members should be assigned the same number of points)
  • The capabilities of each of your team members (you might not want to assign a more complicated task to a new team member, for example)

Remember, if your sprint starts looking a bit crowded with issues, you may want to consider putting off some of the tasks until the following month. Setting goals can be a great way to motivate your team, but they won't appreciate being overworked simply for the sake of unattainable numbers.

Feel free to use the form field below for any notes if needed.

After you're finished with this, then all that's left is having a manager review your new sprint plans and make sure everything is doable and there are no issues and you're finished!

Approval: Review workload

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Compile a list of prioritized product backlog
    Will be submitted
  • Compile a list of employees and their capacity/schedule risks
    Will be submitted
  • Schedule initial meeting with team
    Will be submitted
  • Conduct initial meeting
    Will be submitted
  • Estimate time spent on each task
    Will be submitted
  • Assign tasks to each team member
    Will be submitted


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