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Read this before you start:

Make sure you're signed up to Mention.com and you have everything configured!

Run this process now if you're not.

Every day:

Check the Mention daily email digest

Every morning you'll be emailed your top mentions for a specific term, likely your company name or URL.

Here's what it'll be like:

Copy the most important URLs to a textpad

You might see:

  • Backlinks
  • Retweetable mentions
  • Reddit threads

If so, you'll want to notify the marketing team of these things so they can help promote them, link back in return and contribute to the thread. 

Format the URLs into your database

You might use Airtable or Google Sheets to store the content where you're linked so you can link back and promote it in turn.

Add the URLs, titles, authors and publication dates to the sheet so you can easily find what you're going to promote.

Run your promotion process

  • For tweets, this could simply be retweeting the mention.
  • For backlinks, you might want to use social bookmarking promotion or make sure that you link back to the mention in new or old, updated posts.
  • For all kinds of mentions, it's good practice to thank whoever mentioned you! :)

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