Introduction to Student Discipline Management Process:

Student Discipline Management Process - Process Street

This Process Street Student Discipline Management Process is engineered to make sure punishments along with their reasonings are always documented and implemented alongside procedure. 

This checklist is designed to be run each time a child has behaved particularly poorly. When a behavioral issue requires broader discussion with your team, the process is run. 

The first half of the process features tasks to be complete by the teacher who initiates the process. Halfway through, if the problem has sustained to this point the ownership of the tasks switches to the school head or head of department, depending on the size of institution. 

The checklist uses conditional logic throughout to only show the next required tasks at any one time. 

The checklist is flexible to allow for your needs and requirements to guide the process. 

As with all Process Street checklists, this template is fully editable and you can add or remove steps in the process as you wish.

The template in Process Street acts as structure from which you can run checklists; instances of each template. This means that changes to the standardized template will result in changes for future runs of the checklist.  

All data entered into each checklist is stored in a table format in the Template Overview tab. This shows each checklist which has been run along with the metadata for each checklist plus all information which has been entered into the form fields.

You can assign whole checklists to one person or assign different aspects of each checklist to different people. You can do the latter with our Task Assignment feature. This helps you manage workflows and involve multiple people in complex processes or use cases where approval may be required. 

To assist further in facilitating approvals, we also have Stop Tasks which stop the process user from continuing until a particular task has been completed. This helps in promoting process adherence and improving accountability

You can also make use of Process Street's inbuilt automation features like conditional logicvariables, and checklist run links. Or connect Process Street with the third party automation tool Zapier. 

This Teacher Job Description Checklist will walk through the steps of the process from determining the scope of the role to be filled to beginning an interview process

The process contains certain suggestions and tips as you navigate through along with sample form fields where you can enter data. 

Record checklist details

Use this section to record the important details of the checklist.

Explain the disciplinary problems/problem

Use this space to write your summary of the incident or pattern of behavior. 

Be clear and concise.

Outline how you have handled the behavior

Describe the steps you took to handle this behavior, whether as a one-off incident or as a series of events. 

Discuss the student's behavior with your team/line manager

Use this space to document the nature of the discussion with your team or line manager. 

Make a note of any recommendations they have made. 

Apply appropriate corrective measures

Implement the strategies recommended by your team and attempt to get the behavior of the offending student under control. 

Use the drop-down box to illustrate the behavior of the student.

Escalate the process to the principal/department head

Complete this task to escalate the behavioral management to your principal or department head.

This will be done via task assignment in the template and the responsible member of senior management will automatically be contacted. 

Meet with the teacher to review concerns

Arrange a meeting with the teacher to discuss the situation in person. 

Use the email widget below to schedule the meeting.

Create a monitoring plan for the student

In order to effectively tackle the behavior of the student, it may be necessary to create a broad plan moving forward which involves a number of different stakeholders. 

This could be achieved by using a report system or in certain cases it may benefit from a behavioral monitoring and reinforcement plan. 

Use the form field below to upload or link to the chosen plan.

Invite the student's parents in to discuss behavior

Use the email widget to invite the offending student's parents in for a meeting. 

Use the form field below to record the notes of the meeting.

Arrange a meeting to discuss severe measures

If the behavior continues to decline then it may prove necessary to take harsher punishments. 

Suspension of a student is one of the last options a school has before expulsion. 

Decide upon the severity of the suspension agreed upon in the meeting. 

Use the drop-down box to show your selection. 

Issue a notice of suspension of up to 3 days

This should be issued in writing to the board, the parents, and the local educational authority.

Check your local due process rules before enacting a judgment.  

Issue a notice of suspension of 4 to 10 days

This should be issued in writing to the board, the parents, and the local educational authority. 

Check your local due process rules before enacting a judgment. 

Escalate the process to the board for further measures

If no disciplinary efforts have succeeded in tackling the behavioral problems demonstrated by the student then the case may need to be escalated to the board for them to make a decision regarding expulsion.

Click to print this checklist and select Print to PDF. This will provide you with a PDF document of all the material entered into the checklist from the moment the behavior became a problem to the discussion and reasoning behind recent harsher sanctions.  


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