Data collected from diversity surveys is immensely useful for the human resources team.

By asking employees diversity questions on age, race, gender, sexuality, education level, and more, the HR team can ensure the company is hitting their D&I (diversity and inclusion) goals. No matter if the goals are legal requirements, internal targets to bolster company culture and output, or both, this survey can provide critical insights in a fast, frictionless way.

Considering there may be employees who might not want to provide answers to certain questions, all questions in this survey are optional. Any uncomfortable questions can be skipped.

This survey should be completed by all employees semianually, and during the onboarding process for new employees.

Basic information:

The questions in this survey help to provide an overview of diversity in the workplace. By knowing exactly how diverse or undiverse company teams are, amendments can be made to help reach all-important diversity quotas and/or D&I goals. For this reason, the information that is gathered here is crucial.

With that said, please know that the questions are optional. If you do not feel comfortable answering a specific question, check the task off and move on to the next.

Regarding the questions in this survey, we used SurveyMonkey's guide to help inform our inclusive use of language, and based the options on their suggestions.

Input basic information

Input your basic information regarding your role in the appropriate form fields.

Inputting information regarding your department and job title is useful for the HR team; it will clarify if certain teams are more diverse than others.

Diversity monitoring:

The answers you provide for the diversity questions in this next section will be used for HR purposes only.

In terms of security, Process Street handles data extremely securely.

Record native and secondary languages

Record the language(s) you speak using the form fields below.

The language you grew up speaking may not necessarily be the language you use in the workplace. Similarly, the language you use in the workplace could be different from the language(s) you speak at home

By writing down your languages, HR will be able to determine if any language-related diversity initiatives should be put in place.

Add information regarding age

Add information regarding age by selecting the appropriate age bracket.

By selecting the relevant age bracket, it will help the HR team to understand if their employee pool is diverse when it comes to age.

Put in information about race

Put in information about your racial identity.

If none of the options describe your racial identity accurately, use the text field to elaborate. By elaborating on your racial identity, it may help the HR team with future iterations of this survey.

Select gender identity

Select your gender identity from the list below.

If the list doesn't cover the gender identity you associate with, use the text field below to state the gender identity which you most align with.

Input information regarding sexual orientation

Input information regarding your sexual orientation.

If you don't feel comfortable answering the question at this time, complete the task and move onto the next step.

Indicate any disabilities

Indicate if you have a disability or not.

A disability isn't always visible. As a matter of fact, 74% of disabilities are invisible. If you aren't sure if what you have is defined as a disability or not, choose the 'not sure' option. 

Add details regarding religiosity

Add details regarding any religions you practice.

Selecting your religion will help the HR team know if they need to add extra measures; for instance, a prayer or meditation room could be useful if there are a number of people of the same faith.

Review military involvement

Review any military involvement by selecting an option from the dropdown.

If you're a veteran who has actively served in the U.S. Armed Forces (in which we also include the National Guard and the Reserves), let the HR team know by selecting the 'yes' option.

Note if you're a parent or a caregiver

Note if you're a parent or a caregiver by using the dropdown underneath.

Employees who are also parents or caregivers may need slightly amended work schedules, as to balance their work tasks and caring duties harmoniously.

By letting the HR team know if you're a parent or caregiver, they can potentially help you strike a positive balance between work and home life.

Select highest level of education

Select the highest level of education you have.

If none of the options below describe your level of education accurately, the text field underneath the dropdrown can be used to properly indicate your educational background.

Provide any additional information

Provide any additional information in the text box below.

If there's a part of your identity that correlates to your work life and has not been considered in this survey, use the text form field to add that information. It could be useful for when the HR team creates future diversity surveys.

Moving forward:

The next step - task #17, which is an approval task - will make sure that you've selected the correct answers to the diversity questions.

If the answer is correct, click approve.

If the answer is incorrect, click reject, and then go back to the appropriate task and put in the correct information, unless you conciously didn't answer that question.

If you chose not to answer a question, there will be a blank space. The HR team will understand that you have opted out of that question or questions.

Approval: Correct data

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Input basic information
    Will be submitted
  • Record native and secondary languages
    Will be submitted
  • Add information regarding age
    Will be submitted
  • Put in information about race
    Will be submitted
  • Select gender identity
    Will be submitted
  • Input information regarding sexual orientation
    Will be submitted
  • Indicate any disabilities
    Will be submitted
  • Add details regarding religiosity
    Will be submitted
  • Review military involvement
    Will be submitted
  • Note if you're a parent or a caregiver
    Will be submitted
  • Select highest level of education
    Will be submitted
  • Provide any additional information
    Will be submitted


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