There's a lot that goes into executing a smooth tenant move-in. From giving them a warm welcome to conducting maintenance work and collecting rent, each step needs to be completed on time and important data stored in Appfolio.

This checklist guides you through each task that needs to be completed in order to ensure each and every tenant is settling into a home that is in excellent condition and has met all expectations set by your property management firm. 

(N.B.: Although it won't change how this checklist is used, please know that Appfolio doesn't currently integrate with Zapier.)

Confirm the lease has been finalized

  • 1
    Lease agreement has been signed by the tenant
  • 2
    Lease agreement has been signed by the owner
  • 3
    Signed lease agreement has been received, copied and stored

Put lease in the Appfolio Portal (tenant & property page)

  • 1
    Download PDF of the lease to your computer
  • 2
    Put the PDF on your desktop
  • 3
    Name PDF file with street address, tenant last name, current year
  • 4
    Open tenant page in Appfolio
  • 5
    Go to the section titled "Lease Information"
  • 6
    Go to the bottom of the page and add PDF in section that states "Drag Files Here"
  • 1
    Click the Actions button on the side
  • 2
    Click Share with Tenants
  • 3
    Click Share with Owners

Welcome the tenant:

Send tenant a welcome letter

  • 1
    Open Appfolio and go to tenants name
  • 2
    Click on e-mail unit
  • 3
    Label subject line "Welcome Letter"
  • 4
    Attach PDF below (if uploaded) to letter by adding it to "Drag Files Here"
  • 5
    Press enter and send

Schedule time for move-in meeting with tenant

Pre move-in maintenance:

Determine maintenance needs

  • 1
    General cleaning
  • 2
    Carpet cleaning
  • 3
    Lock maintenance
  • 4
  • 5
    Other handyman work
  • 6

Schedule cleaners & add work order to Appfolio

Schedule carpet cleaners & add work order to Appfolio

Schedule locksmith & add work order to Appfolio

Schedule painters & add work order to Appfolio

Schedule handyman & add work order to Appfolio

Property inspection:

Schedule move-in inspection

Receive cleaners inspection sheet

Upload cleaners inspection sheet to Appfolio owner's page

Perform move-In inspection

Take video of smoke detectors working

Send copy of move-in inspection to new tenant(s)

Marketing media:

Take marketing videos

Take marketing photos

Rent & insurance:

Verify that rent has been paid in full

New tenant renters insurance has been received

Final steps:

Arrive at move-in meeting

Review key details at move-in meeting

  • 1
    Review pest control policy
  • 2
    Review landscape responsibility
  • 3
    Gas company free inspection
  • 4
    Trash company trash can replacement
  • 5
    Show tenant where mail box is
  • 6
    Review special features of the house
  • 7
    Explain how to operate garbage disposal key and reset button
  • 8
    Confirm tenant insurance received
  • 9
    Demonstrate how fireplace operates (if applicable)
  • 10
    Review business hours, after hours emergencies and how best to communicate with House Match
  • 11
    Explain who has keys to property and where copies are secured
  • 12
    Review Move In Inspection Report for additional comments by tenant and inspect property with tenant to verify accuracy of addition comments
  • 13
    Review with tenant what is normal wear and tear and how to live in property, for example hanging several pictures is normal, hanging 100 is not.
  • 14
    Review installation of TV stands and tenant options upon departure: 1. Leave stand. 2. Remove stand and patch/paint. 3. Leave holes and allow House Match to patch/paint.
  • 15
    Instruct tenant to leave all paint, additional flooring or other necessary items in garage.
  • 16
    Make sure all new keys work, tag with property number and place 2 keys in lockbox to return to office

Hand over keys to the tenant

Give tenant a copy of the cleaners inspection sheet

Confirm tenant inspection has been completed

Update inspection date in Appfolio for move-in inspection

Update safety inspection date in Appfolio

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