We all take advantage of job postings online. But we seem to forget that these postings require a lot of work for them to be posted. There has to be research carried out, speaking to managers and more. If you have never created a job posting before you may get lost in the process.

That's why,  over at Process Street, we've created this Job Description Template.

Using this template will ensure you get the best candidates applying!


In this section, you'll come across an approval task (task #5). This will help you to ensure the job description is shaping up nicely, as the manager for this role will accept or reject what you've written.

If you include their email in the "Their Future Manager's Email" field in task #3, the manager will be automatically assigned to all of this template's approval tasks!

Dynamic due dates have also been applied, meaning the manager will have one day to approve or reject what you've written.

Record details

First things first record the details of your business that is hiring. Do this by using the form fields below.

Gather job information

You will need to find out the information regarding the job role. You will have to speak to the manager of the hiring department (IT, sales, customer support) and gather the information you need to post the job. Use the sub-checklist and form fields below to record everything you need.

  • 1
    Location of the job
  • 2
    Salary and benefits included
  • 3
    Examples of projects they will carry out
  • 4
    A summary of the job

Approval: The job's basic details

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Gather job information
    Will be submitted

Read these example job descriptions

When you have your information gathered, run through these example job description PDF files. This will give you a rough idea of what you are aiming to create.

Writing The Job Description:

In this section, there's another approval task (task #14). This is so that the manager 100% approves the full job description.

Decide the position title

The first thing that catches a candidate's eye when they are job hunting is the job title. This will give them a rough idea of what the position's responsibilities will include and if they are able to fill it. Make sure that the title includes what the job will be. For example; a sales role should include 'sales' in the title.

Use the sub-checklist and form field below

  • 1
    Accurately describe nature of job
  • 2
    Is free of gender or age implications
  • 3
    It is self explanatory for recruitment purposes
  • 4
    It does not exaggerate importance of the role

Jot down responsibilities

The job description should contain a list of the duties and responsibilities associated with the role, along you can also include how long each task should take. The list of duties and responsibilities will vary in length, but as a rule, should be as short as possible, otherwise the document becomes an operational manual not a job description.

Required qualifications

Once a candidate clicks on the job description, they will need to know if they are able to qualify academically or with work experience. Jotting down the needed qualifications for the job will ensure the candidate is able to know if they are able to apply for the role.

Highlight hierarchy structure

Reporting lines clarify the responsibilities of the position by showing who the candidate reports to and who reports to them. This is important, not only in relation to compliance issues but also to give the candidate an look into the structure of the organization and how the position they are applying to fits into it.

Include term of employment

The term of employment can be an important piece of information for candidates as they want to know if they will be hired on a short-term basis or long-term basis and if they will need to be looking for another job in the near future. 

Choose salary

The importance of including the salary of a job is high. Candidates will not apply for the job if there is no salary range included, we all work for the one reason which is money.

Instead of assigning a particular salary to the position, work out a salary range to include in the job description that is competitive with similar positions in other organizations and allows for variations in education and experience. 

Approval: The full job description

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Decide the position title
    Will be submitted
  • Jot down responsibilities
    Will be submitted
  • Required qualifications
    Will be submitted
  • Include term of employment
    Will be submitted
  • Choose salary
    Will be submitted

Posting The Job Description:

The third and final approval task is task #17, where the manager will approve the post's preparations.

Preparing for posting

Once you have the post written you will need to get it prepared for posting. Find out how many candidates minimum you need, when the posting will close and if there is any further important information you need.

Approval: Preparing the post

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Preparing for posting
    Will be submitted

Post the job description

Finally, the last thing you have to do is post the job description you have created and wait on those skilled candidates applying! 

Now you have to go on and run our Human Resources Pre Employment Screening and learn how to screen candidates appropriately.  


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