You want to make sure that all leases expiring in the next 90 days are being dealt with in advance to keep all properties running smoothly and to avoid tension in the tenant-owner relationship.

This comprehensive checklist, built around conditional logic, will guide you through completing the process efficiently for any given situation.  

(N.B.: Although it won't impact this checklist, please be aware that Appfolio doesn't currently integrate with Zapier.)

Pull report of leases expiring in the next 90 days

  • 1
    Pull the report (Lease Expiration Detail by Month)
  • 2
    Start checklists for any other expiring leases

Enter basic details of the selected property

Initial communication:

Send email to owner: 60-day intent to Re-Lease

Use the template below to email the property owner.

Save owners reply in property's Notes section (Appfolio)

Notify tenant of owners intention to renew

Complete the following subtasks.

You can upload the relevant letters using the form fields below. 

If the owner wishes to renew for other than 1 year, note that below and in Appfolio, under the Tenants page.

  • 1
    Email Tenant "45 Renewal Letter" after updating necessary fields. Include "30 Day Notice- Tenant" in email.
  • 2
    Print 2 copies of each to mail
  • 3
    Mail tenant letter via regular USPS mail
  • 4
    Mail tenant letter via certified return receipt USPS mail

Notify tenant of owners intention to NOT renew

  • 1
    Email the tenant using the template below
  • 2
    Send formal 30-day No Cause notice via USPS mail

Save tenant's reply in Appfolio

If no response has been received by the tenant by the due date, email and text them using the Appfolio app on the tenant page.

Copy and paste the following text into the message:

Hi we don't have your response on file to the Renewal Letter we sent out about a couple weeks ago. Please let us know your intent as soon as possible to avoid any issues with your renewal or vacating the property. Thank you!

Notify owner of tenant's intent to renew

Send an email to the property owner via Appfolio or make notes on the tenants file if you have a phone conversation.

Check notes and get owner approval

Be sure to check notes and get owner approval on the amended term.

Notify owner of tenant's intent to vacate the property


Conduct interior inspection

At the time of lease renewal, we provide Owners an interior inspection.

Firstly, verify that the property is not on the PPP recurring inspections. If so, please discuss with Property Manager. If completing the inspection, please look for:

  • Any unauthorized people
  • Signs of pets (ask if there are any pets on the property. Its not your job to determine if they are authorized or not)
  • Differed maintenance
  • Condition of appliances and utilities 

Review renewal inspections

Review the lease carefully looking for potential violations, differed maintenance, unauthorized pets, and anything else that may concern a property owner. Edit or add notes as needed.

Share inspection report with the owner

Once you feel good about the inspection report, share it with the Property Owner. The task is not complete until shared with Owner.

Lease creation & sending:

Send tenant "Lease Renewal Expectations" in Appfolio

Create renewal lease for PM review

Create a lease for PM review. This step only includes lease creation. Do not set up lease for digital signing yet.

Use prior lease as a template for terms, names, etc.

Save tenants updated insurance prior to sending lease

Review incomplete lease

Setup digital signing of the lease

The lease has been reviewed by the property manager and is ready for you to set up digital signatures for all Owners, all Tenants, and the Property Manager

Also CC yourself on the signing so that when the signing is complete, you can save the documents as noted in a future step.

Save signed lease in Appfolio

Upon receipt of the signed copy, save a copy of the lease on the tenants' pages.

Update tenant's page in Appfolio according to lease renewal

Update Appfolio:

  • Recurring Rents
  • Utilities
  • Bill Owner for Renewal Fee
  • Lease End Date
  • Insurance Expiration Date


Save tenant's 30-day notice to vacate in Appfolio

Send owner the "Move Out Expectations for Owners" letter via Appfolio

Be sure to update the required fields in the form before sending.

Send tenant the "Move out Expectations for Tenants" letter via Appfolio

As with the letter for owners, be sure to update the required fields in the form before sending.

Verify we have the security deposit

Go to the Tenants Summary page in Appfolio.

Under the Financials section, you can see the Deposit Paid.

Verify we have the move-in inspection report, PCR & photos

Update the Tenants Summary page in Appfolio

Based on the Tenant's 30-Day Notice, which should be saved in the Tenants Summary page on Appfolio, update the Tenants Summary page as follows:

  • 1
    Set Notice Date in the Tenants Status section
  • 2
    Set Move Out in the Tenants Status section
  • 3
    Set an End Date for the Monthly Charges

Begin process for property listing

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