A Post-Implementation Review (PIR) is an incredibly important part of the change management process.

Overlooking its importance is a huge mistake and could result in significant missed opportunities for service improvement, not to mention the loss of accountability and data integrity.

Conducting a PIR soon after implementing a change enables you to answer insightful questions such as:

  • Did the change fully solve the problem that it was designed to address?
  • In the case of failure, did the back-out plan work correctly?
  • What impact did the change have on customers?
  • Did we allocate resources effectively throughout the process?
  • Was the change implemented on budget, and in a timely fashion?

This Process Street checklist will guide you through the PIR process to make sure you have completed the change management process, maintained data integrity and identified how the process can be optimized for future changes.

A little info about Process Street

Process Street is superpowered checklists. By using our software to document your processes, you are instantly creating an actionable workflow in which tasks can be assigned to team members, automated, and monitored in real-time to ensure they are being executed as intended, each and every time.

The point is to minimize human error, increase accountability, and provide employees with all of the tools and information necessary to complete their tasks as effectively as possible.

Once they've approved the document, it's then time to do what you do best: Supply great services to paying customers!

Enter basic review details

First, enter basic details relevant to the review, namely, the change owner and manager's contact details and the link to the change record that contains important information regarding the implementation. 

Change overview:

Briefly describe the change process

Write a brief description/summary of the change process that took place. 

This should include:

  • How and when the change was implemented
  • Who was involved
  • Your initial thoughts on how the change has influenced business operations

Summarize the results

Summarize the results of the change using the form fields below

Notify the change owner of the failure

If it has been decided that the change was a failure, the change owner must be notified. 

Use the email template below to do so.

Evaluate if the back-out plan functioned correctly

Did the back out plan function correctly? 

Describe how effective the plan was in taking back the work that was done during implementation and minimizing disruption to business operations.

Customer impact:

Summarize the impact on the customer

What impact did the change have on customers? 

Summarize details regarding the customer impact in the text form field below. 

Describe the shortcomings/undesirable effects

Provide a description of what those shortcomings were and how they affected customers.

Resource allocation:

Evaluate effectiveness of resource allocation

How effectively were the necessary resourced allocated when it came to not just implementing the change, but also during planning, evaluating, and testing. 

Time and budget management:

Evaluate if the change was implemented on time

Describe how effective the change implementation procedure was with regard to timing.

Evaluate if the implementation was completed on budget

Enter details regarding the change's budget.


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