Process Street - Hotel Check Out Procedure Template

Process Street's Hotel Check Out Procedure Template has been specifically designed to work as a guide for the front of office staff, to standardize the check out process, making the process consistently efficient. 

The Hotel Check Out Procedure Template has organized check out processes into a series of steps outlined below:

  • Ask About Stay
  • Enquire Over Additional Charged 
  • Verify Account Information
  • Confirm Payment 
  • Check Messages 
  • Final Checks 
  • Update Room Status 
  • Guest Fil History
  • Request Guest Satisfaction Survey 
  • Checkout Completion 

At the beginning of this checklist, you will be presented with a set of specialized questions designed to make sure the check out process runs smoothly. The questions are given as sub checklists, short answers, or yes/no drop-down menus. 

Dropdown yes/no questions will present a series of pre-determined steps relevant to the given answer. These conditional steps will then guide you through a process appropriate to the specific circumstance. 

Therefore the Hotel Check Out Procedure Template is a dynamic yet standardized guide. Standardizing processes as such guarantees quality, improves clarity and boosts employee morale

What can be considered most important is the benefit standardization has towards customer service.

The hotel industry is considered peoples first businessCustomer service is therefore vitally important for success, especially in the current climate with an increased demand for improved and superior customer experiences. In 2019, 86% of customers were willing to pay more for better customer experiences.

Thus by implementing Process Street's Hotel Check Out Procedure Template, you will reap the above benefits by ensuring your check out procedure is standardized.

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Record Checklist Details

In this Hotel Check Out Procedure Template checklist, you will be presented with the following form fields, for which you are required to populate with your own specific data. More information for each form field type is provided via linkage to our help pages:

Let's start by recording the hotel details, your details and the details of your supervisor or manager.

Ask About Stay:

Greet the guest

''Gone are the days when customers were happy just receiving 'please' and 'thank you'''

Check of the below subtasks as they are completed before moving on in the check out process.

  • 1
    Greet the guest by name
  • 2
    Ask about the guest stay

As the front of office staff, you are the guest's first and the last point of contact. Ensuring excellent last impressions during the guest's check out is vital.

To do this, front of office staff need to be excellent communicators, positive, patient and empathetic to ensure the outstanding customer experience is maintained from the start to the end of the guest's stay. Big smiles provide a warm welcome, using the guest's first name creates a more personal interaction and maintaining eye contact assures your full attention.

See Process Street's Training Hotel Employees Template.

Enquire about feedback

The dropdown form fields above have been designed to take you to the most appropriate pathway depending upon your answer. State 'Yes' or 'No' to the questions below to proceed to the steps conditioned to fit the specific circumstance. 

  • 1
    Ask the guest if they want to complete a guest satisfaction survey
  • 2
    Ask the guest if they would like a guest history card set up

Note down feedback

  • 1
    Make a note of feedback given
  • 2
    Pass feedback on to relevant staff members or departments

Both positive and negative feedback is key for adapting your business to meet the needs of your customers. Obtaining customer opinion about their experience will introduce key areas for improvement and highlight areas delivering the desired results. It is important to make an effort to obtain and record customer feedback.

Enquire Over Additional Charges:

Ask guest over possible additional charges

By selecting yes or no on the below dropdown menu, you will be presented with the next set of steps to guide you through the check out process specific for the circumstance.

  • 1
    Ask the guest to confirm additional charges
  • 2
    Check the system for additional charges

Before the room cost is confirmed with the guest, it is necessary to make sure every charge is accounted for on the guest's account. Confirmation of charge with the guest, whilst double checking charges on the system, are actions that ensure the correct amount is applied.

Additional charges include charges for extra add ons such as room service or restaurant tabs.

Add additional charges

  • 1
    Add additional charges to the guest account
  • 2
    Re-check the system for charges missed

Make sure to add additional charges to the guest's account. Once these charges have been added, take the time to double check once more that no further charges need to be added.

This is a critical step in the check out process. It is important no charges are missed.

Verify Account Information:

Verify the guests account information

  • 1
    Have all charges on guest account been accounted for?
  • 2
    Verify the guest account information

It is important to ensure charges have been accounted for before processing payment. Once an amount has been settled it is poor practice to add on additional charges you may later discover. Additional charges missed will lead to loss of income. Thoroughly checking overcharges and verifying the account information with the guest, and on your system, is a necessary stage to prevent issues with payment. 

Your hotel should be transparent with charges from the onset. Hidden fees may cause resentment and degrade the otherwise good customer experience.

Confirm Payment:

Enquire over payment method

By selecting 'Yes' or 'No' on the above dropdown menu, you will be presented with the next set of steps to guide you through the check out process specific for the circumstance.

  • 1
    Ask the guest how they will settle their account

Make sure to confirm payment has been processed successfully before you move onto the next step. If there are issues with processing payment, these should be investigated. 

Investigate errors in payment

Investigate the issue and ensure your specific policies and procedures for payment errors are executed and relevant staff are notified.

Check Messages:

Check guests messages

  • 1
    Check whether the guest has received mail during their stay of which they need to be notified of
  • 2
    Check whether the guest has received phone calls during their stay of which they need to be notified of

During the guest's stay, they might receive mail, emails and phone calls which need to be passed on to them. These should be passed onto the guest at the time of receipt. However, it is good practice to double check there are no outstanding mail, emails, or phone calls before checking the guest out. 

Final Checks:

Ask the guest if the safe deposit box is empty

  • 1
    Ask the guest if they have removed everything from the safety deposit box
  • 2
    Ask the guest if they have removed everything from their room

The safety deposit box is a secured container that can be used by the guest to contain important documents or assets temporarily during their stay. During the checking out process, it is crucial to double check the guest has taken back their items from the safety deposit box. 

Ask the guest for room keys

By selecting 'Yes' or 'No' on the above dropdown menu, you will be presented with the next set of steps to guide you through the check out process specific for the circumstance.

  • 1
    Ask guest how many room keys/room cards they had
  • 2
    Check the system to see how many keys/room cards were handed to the guest
  • 3
    Request the room keys/room cards to be handed back

It is important to obtain the room keys back from the guests. Guests often forget about a room key or card in their purse or bag. A kind reminder during check out is sometimes needed.

The hotel room key has evolved over the years. Room keys, cards, codes and a virtual key as the latest innovation, are different ways to grant access to the guest rooms. A room key/card/code or virtual key should be chosen in line with your hotel's culture, authenticity, and theme, and should not compromise a customized, personal experience.

Report missing keys/cards

  • 1
    Identify the number of missing room keys/cards
  • 2
    Note down the room number and number of keys/cards missing
  • 3
    Inform the appropriate staff members

If room keys are missing, reporting these will help the hotel keep track of the hotel's lost property. 

Update Room Status:

Update room status on the system

  • 1
    Update the system to affirm the guests have checked out successfully
  • 2
    Update the room status to vacant

As you come to the end of the check out process, the room status needs to be updated on your systems to indicate the guest has just left and the room is now vacant once room cleaning processes are complete.

See Process Street's Deep Cleaning Checklist 

Guest File History:

Update the guest file history

  • 1
    Update the guest history card for future use or future stay

Recording details such as arrival and departure dates, food and beverages purchased, comments made and any special requirements specific for each guest, you can create a personalized customer experience upon the guest's return. Personalization creates a home-like feel for the guest which will ensure continued loyalty.

Request Guest Satisfaction Survey:

Provide the guest satisfaction survey

If the guest agreed to fill out a guest satisfaction form at the beginning of the check out process, now is the time to provide this form to the guest. 

  • 1
    Provide the guest with a satisfaction survey
  • 2
    Give the guest time to fill out the survey
  • 3
    Collect survey and file in the appropriate location

Guest satisfaction forms are a great way of recording customer feedback. This important feedback will direct the adaption and evolution of your business. 

Checkout completion:

Say goodbye

  • 1
    Say goodbye to the guest and wish them safe travels

Delivering a great customer experience doesn't end once the customer has checked out from the hotel successfully. Wishing the guest a safe trip, and showing attentiveness and interest as the guest departs is of high importance.


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