This is an example template of how you can use automations to streamline your Customer Onboarding processes.

Automations allow you to build custom workflows by passing data and triggering actions to and from other apps, making work faster and more consistent.

We designed this template to facilitate the complete onboarding process using automations to reduce the workload for you, your team, and your client.

Each automation has its own set of actions and triggers, which you can learn about in these help articles:

Important: You'll need to ensure you have an account set up with these tools to enable automations.

Let's get started!

Automations setup:

Say that your Sales Team just closed a new opportunity in Salesforce. Using automations you can set that action to trigger this customer onboarding workflow within Process Street. By enabling this automation the workflow will come equipped with all of the customer's details automatically pushed through. 

The screenshot below provides an example of what the workflow would look like with automations set up. 

Customer onboarding workflow with Automations setup

To activate automations go to preview mode of the workflow (not in edit mode) click "Automations"

  1. Once in Automations select "Run a checklist when" + " a record is updated" and select Salesforce.

  2. Select the record and follow the additional steps in the automations wizard.

  3. Then turn the switch to "on" to activate the automation.

Record opportunity details

Opportunity ID: {{form.Salesforce_Opportunity_ID}}

Record account details

Enter contact details

Primary Contact ID: {{form.Salesforce_Primary_Contact_ID}}

Input account manager details

Account ID: {{form.Salesforce_Account_ID}}
Opportunity ID: {{form.Salesforce_Opportunity_ID}}
Owner ID: {{form.Salesforce_Owner_ID}}

Manager approval:

Will be submitted for approval:
  • Record account details
    Will be submitted
  • Input account manager details
    Will be submitted
  • Enter contact details
    Will be submitted

Inform Sales team in Slack:

 Follow the steps below to inform the broader sales team in the #sales Slack channel.

Check out the images below for guidance. 

How to set up a Slack automation

To configure the Slack automation use the image above for reference.

1. Select "when a task is checked" 

3. Choose the Slack channel and input the message

4. Turn on the automation

Send contract for signing with Docusign:

Use the next task to automate the signing of a contract with Docusign. Data from your checklist can be mapped across into DocuSign, and the designated people sign and complete the document.

You'll need to have a premium plan within Docusign to set up this automation.

Visit the help page for for further guidance setting up this automation. 

To configure the Docusign automation use the image above for reference.

1. Select "when a task is checked" 

2. Choose the send contract for signing (Docusign)

3. Choose Docusign and input the action

4. Turn on the automation

If setup correctly the Docusign icon will appear in the Manager approval header, as demonstrated in the image above.

Send contract for signing (Docusign)

Complete this task to send the customer contract for signature
via DocuSign

Record onboarding call

Running Late Email Template

No Show Email Template

Enter meeting notes

Customer Goal

Meeting Notes (for Internal Purposes):

Decide if there is opportunity for expansion

Generate record of opportunity in Google Sheets:

Before you get started you’ll need to have a few things set up in Google Sheets:

  1. Create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  2. Give your spreadsheet a name and add column headers for the data you would like to capture
  3. Optional: You can add more sheets to the same spreadsheet as required. Give your sheets names to help identify them when creating your automation

Your Google Sheet must be located in “My Drive” for your automation to work, i.e you must be the owner of the sheet to create an automation with it.

You'll then need to authenticate your Google Sheets account, choose the sheet, and map the fields from your workflow that you would like to pull into your Google Sheet.

For more information on Google Sheet automations, check out our help page

Record opportunity in Google Sheets

Copy-paste the opportunity name into the field below.

Then complete this task to add the details to the Opportunity tracking Google Sheet.

{{form.Company_Name}} - Expansion

Create opportunity in Salesforce

Create an opportunity in Salesforce by following the instructions in the image below. Once setup, when you check off this task a new case will be created in your service dashboard in Salesforce.

For more guidance setting up this automation check out "Example 5" on this help doc.

How to create a new opportunity in Salesforce

Opportunity name: {{form.Company_Name}} - Expansion

Complete onboarding process

Completing the onboarding for this customer sends a message to
the #customer-onboarding channel in Slack


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