This is an example workflow of how you can use Automations to streamline your Employee Onboarding processes. Completing this workflow will trigger the Employee Orientation with Automations workflow.

Automations allow you to build custom workflows by passing data and triggering actions to and from other apps, making work faster and more consistent.

We designed this template to facilitate the complete onboarding process using Automations to reduce the workload for you, your team, and your client.

Each automation has its own set of actions and triggers, which you can learn about in these help articles:

Important: You'll need to ensure you have an account set up with these tools to enable Automations.

Let's get started!

Record new employee details

To kick off the employee onboarding workflow, you need to gather information the employee's information. Start by recording the employee's basic information in the form fields below.

With Automations enabled the information you enter here will pull through to the employee orientation workflow

Prepare paperwork

Next, prepare the relevant paperwork

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Insurance forms
  • 4
    Direct deposit forms
  • 5
    Non-disclosure agreement

Prepare for digital set-up

It is important to prepare the necessary tools and ensure your new hire will be able to access them. Fill in (or add to) the form fields below as necessary.

  • 1
    Work email address created
  • 2
    Send Slack invite
  • 3
    Send Zoom invite
  • 4
    Send Process Street invite

Send for approval:

Using the Members form field below, assign the individual who will approve the employee's paperwork. 


Will be submitted for approval:
  • Record new employee details
    Will be submitted
  • Prepare paperwork
    Will be submitted
  • Prepare for digital set-up
    Will be submitted

Run employee orientation workflow

Next, you'll need to run the orientation checklist to help the new employee get familiar with the office and to meet the rest of the team.

Completing this workflow run kicks off the Employee Orientation With Automations workflow. 


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