Salesforce + Process Street Integration

You can use Salesforce‘s custom buttons to automatically run Process Street checklists.

When you have a new Opportunity in Salesforce, you can run a new checklist to help guide you through the process of onboarding that customer. This helps improve the onboarding experience and feeds the information back into your Salesforce dashboard.

Use case:

  • A company wants to standardize its onboarding processes
  • The company wants all information to be accessible from within Salesforce
  • The company wants to assign work automatically and track progress

Process overview:

  • We will click a custom button in Salesforce to automatically run a customer onboarding checklist
  • We will work through the Process Street checklist adding information into the form fields
  • We will send that information automatically back into Salesforce

How to run a Process Street checklist from Salesforce

We’re going to create a custom button in Salesforce which launches to an external link. The external link we’ll use is a run link for a checklist from our Client Onboarding template. We will edit the URL of the run link to merge data into Process Street from Salesforce.

On the template you want to create a run link for, you can find the run checklist link button on the menu on the right hand side.

integrate salesforce with process street create run link

The pop up box which shows will give you the ability to add a variable to your run link. Each variable will add to the end of the URL you have generated. These variables will allow us to move data back into Process Street later on.

2. Create your checklist button in Salesforce

In Salesforce, go to the lead you want to add the button to. Select the drop down menu in the top right and click Edit Object.

Integrate salesforce with process street edit object

In the Object Manager, click on Buttons, Links, and Actions.

integrate salesforce with process street buttons links and actions

Click on New Custom Button or Link and you will be presented with the screen where you build your new button. Enter the name of your button in the top box and enter your run link into the large box provided.

integrate salesforce with process street add new button or link

In the URL for your run link, there are Xs in each of the variables you added. These Xs can be replaced by code from Salesforce.

Where the variable in your URL says checklist_name and is followed by Xs, highlight those Xs and click on the dropdown Insert Merge Field. Then select the merge field which corresponds to the name you want to automatically generate for the checklist, such as the client’s name.

integrate salesforce with process street merge

To make sure this button appears where you want it, return to the Object Manager, back into the Lead, and click on the Page Layout button on the menu at the top of that page.

integrate process street with salesforce page layout

Then click on Lead Layout for the manager for the main view you use in your profile. Which should look like this.

integrate salesforce with process street layout

Then select the new button you have just made and drag it down the page to Custom Links where you can drop it.

integrate salesforce with process street custom links

Make sure you save your setup before you check it is working.

Return to one of your leads and navigate to the Details tab.

If you created it as a custom link, you should now see a custom link with the title you gave it added at the bottom. If you created it as a custom button instead, you would see it on the dropdown menu on the top right.

3. Use Zapier to send information back to Salesforce

Within this process, Zapier is used to send information through four different zaps back to Salesforce.

In the screenshot below you can see how these zaps are constructed.

integrate salesforce with process street zapier

The zaps are:

  • Add attachments from Process Street comments to Salesforce opportunities
  • Record checked tasks within Salesforce as a note
  • When a checklist is created it is added to the description in Salesforce
  • Comments left on tasks in Process Street are recorded in Salesforce

For example:

Create a new trigger from Process Street.

integrate salesforce with process street setup zap

Select the trigger to be New Task Checked.

integrate salesforce with process street select trigger

After you have configured which template and task it applies to, select Salesforce as your action.

integrate salesforce with process street choose salesforce

Then choose the action Create Note and finish off setting up your zap.

integrate salesforce with process street create note

When you have finished configuring the zap to your system, run through the process from start to finish to check every aspect of your Process Street and Salesforce integration is working.

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